What is MobileNoter?

MobileNoter is a note-taking application for iPhone, iPad, Android or BlackBerry platform that is able to sync with Microsoft OneNote notebooks. Do you use OneNote on daily basis on your laptop or PC and dream to have a possibility to sync it with your mobile device?

Then MobileNoter is just what you are looking for.


  • View and edit your MS OneNote notebooks on iPhone, iPad, Android or BlackBerry devices.
  • Your pages look on your mobile device under iOS, Android or BlackBerry exactly the same way as in MS OneNote.
  • OneNote tags are supported.
  • Edit OneNote pages and add new text on a page.
  • Format text as you like: change font size, style, color, create lists.
  • Use inking feature for handwriting input and drawing in your notes.
  • Add, move and delete images on your pages.
  • Create audio recordings and play media in your notes.
  • Open attached files.
  • Sync with iTunes, Dropbox and SkyDrive (for iOS version).
  • Sync with Dropbox, SkyDrive and SharePoint (for Android and BlackBerry version).
  • Open MS OneNote files stored on your Android/BlackBerry device

Read what our users are saying

Excellent concept ... Keep it coming
I'm giving five stars to encourage the developers there is a real need for their product. I am so thrilled to see a OneNote app on the iPhone. This is already off to a great start and I can't wait to see the future features come to life. Way to go and keep it coming. I'm a very anxious user of this much needed app.

—  Motsumi

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