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MobileNoter SE and 2013 format - New workaround for SkyDrive

Sunday, 06/30/2013, 04:31 PM by mnsupport
SkyDrive uses OneNote 2013 format that is not supported by any version of MobileNoter yet. We’re working to resolve this issue ASAP. Currently, if you have desktop OneNote 2010, there is workaround allowing to restore sync 'ability of some of your notebooks with MobileNoter: [More]

MobileNoter SE for iPad video

Tuesday, 11/27/2012, 10:02 PM by mnsupport
MobileNoter SE for iPad tutorial video [More]

MobileNoter SE / SE HD 4.3 - improved Sharepoint synchronization

Tuesday, 11/27/2012, 02:12 AM by mnsupport
MobileNoter SE/SE HD 4.3 with Sharepoint 365 support and other improvements is available on Google Play, Amazon Market and is coming soon for BlackBerry on App World. [More]

MobileNoter SE - the new version for iPhone is available on the App Store!

Monday, 11/05/2012, 02:57 PM by mnsupport
MobileNoter SE is an application that allows you to store, view and edit MS OneNote notebooks on your iPhone. 

It works with .one files directly and now you have more possibilities to sync your notes with PC in an easy way. 

MobileNoter SE has an integrated iTunes, Dropbox and SkyDrive sync functionality. Using it, you are able to sync your notes in one touch and you can do it anywhere and at any moment. 

This is really the fastest and most convenient way to synchronize your iPhone with Microsoft OneNote! [More]

MobileNoter SE for iOS: Beta-testing program

Sunday, 09/16/2012, 10:59 PM by mlobanova
Our work on long-awaited MobileNoter Stanalone Edition for iDevices is almost complete, and now we need beta-testers. [More]