MobileNoter SE for Android

Android is one of the most popular operating system for smartphones, tablets, netbooks, smartbooks and so on. It is necessary and very effective to have a note-taking app for the organization of personal information directly on your Android device. A terrific opportunity to view and edit OneNote files on your Android device is provided by the convenient and easy-to-use application - MobileNoter SE.

MobileNoter SE for Android Phone
Requires Android OS 2.1 or higher

MobileNoter SE for Android Tablet
Requires Android OS 3.0 or higher

By using MobileNoter SE you are always able to access OneNote on your Android device wherever you are. All the most important personal information, as well as business data, is available anywhere at any time with the OneNote app for Android.

Among the features of MobileNoter SE, the ability to sync OneNote with Android via Dropbox, SkyDrive, SharePoint or USB, a wide variety of options for editing (formatting, layout, handwritten notes and so on) and the ability to work with multimedia files are worth mentioning. It's so convenient! You can sync your OneNote notebooks in one touch and work with them exactly as you would in OneNote!

MobileNoter SE works with .one files directly and doesn't require a synchronization environment. This gives you more possibilities to sync your notes with a PC in an easy way.

Detailed instructions about MobileNoter SE for Android are available here.

MobileNoter SE - your OneNote always in your pocket!