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MobileNoter and iOS 6 - important note before updating

Wednesday, 09/26/2012, 09:36 PM by admin

After the iOS 6 release some of our users have reported difficulties with MobileNoter after upgrading OS on their devices. These difficulties are related to the Passcode Lock feature.

We recommend to sync all of your records to the PC before performing any iOS upgrades!

Then if you use the Passcode Lock option in your MobileNoter app  - please disable it in Settings.


If you already have performed the upgrade to iOS 6 and are now unable to access Settings to switch Passcode Lock off:

At the present moment we could only recommend reinstalling, and not using of Passcode Lock until next MobileNoter update. In this case abortion medication all the info stored in MobileNoter will be wiped out. If re-installing is not a solution because you don't want to lose your information in such a way, please be informed that our developers are working on the problem. We are planning to fix the issue it in about a week and release an updated version.

Please keep an eye on our news, we'll announce the release.


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