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MobileNoter SE HD 4.2 - adding pages and even more...

Tuesday, 09/11/2012, 10:30 PM by admin

We announce the release of MobileNoter SE HD 4.2 version that has the following new features:

Long-awaited ability to add new pages. Now you are able to add new page to an existing section:

SE HD new page

It significantly improves MobileNotrer usefulness and flexibility of usage

Manual sync conflict resolving: if there are version conflicts between cloud storages and MobileNoter, you are now able to resolve each case manually during the synchronization. To enable this functionality, please go to Settings - Sync Settings - Sync conflict resolving tab

Manual sync conflict resolving

Error logging - now, if abortion fees anything goes wrong, you are able to write MobileNoter logs and send them to us without installing any 3rd-party apps, just turn logging on/off in Settings - Diagnostic tab.


Please do not forget to add description of an encountered problem to the report or to send a letter with problem details to

Incremental sync functionality has also been improved, so if you were having any problems with incremental sync, please update to the latest MobileNoter SE HD version.


9/23/2012 9:13:31 AM #

How it is possible to remove the added page?

Alex |

10/16/2012 2:42:05 PM #

At the present moment there is no such possibility inside the app, all new pages should be deleted after sync'ing notebooks back to OneNote or SkyDrive.

MNSupport |

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