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Windows Sync Client: OneNote 2013 Preview issues

Wednesday, 08/22/2012, 02:36 AM by admin

OneNote 2013 Preview is widely being spread over the world and along with enjoying the new fantastic metro-style interface we have to warn you about some issues which you might encounter, while sync'ing your data with standard MobileNoter.  Please notice that Windows Sync Client is not compatible with OneNote 2013 Preview, so if you installed this update on your PC and want to continue using MobileNoter, we recommend rolling back to the official OneNote version. Currently our developers are discussing this issue to find more convenient workaround for our customers. 1 month abortion pill And of course, we are going to support the upcoming official OneNote 2013 release.


8/19/2012 8:24:55 PM #

Instead of syncing with the desktop version of OneNote, why don't you just sync directly to skydrive using skydrive APIs?

I presume that would avoid problems associated with new releases of the desktop version of OneNote????

Also, I would be more inclined to use mobilenoter if you did this. Currently, I am not a mobilenoter user because syncing via desktop or your server seems too much of an inconvenience (relative to having my onenote data on skydrive)

ozaz |

8/20/2012 7:59:39 PM #

Ozaz, the same issue persists with SkyDrive notebooks, because OneNote 2013 Web App is also available for evaluating. Anyway, we are going to release MobileNoter SE for iOS with SkyDrive sync supported in approx. a month, so, probably, it will better fit your needs.

oblacksmith |

8/27/2012 8:37:07 AM #

Does using OneNote MX also cause issues ?

Paul Anderson |

9/8/2012 12:57:27 PM #

Using OneNote MX most probably will have the same result on MobileNoter as OneNote 2013.

Thank you for the investigation made!

mlobanova |

9/15/2012 9:27:27 AM #

This is good news! I hope this comes to fruition because I really love OneNote. Evernote is just so-so. Mobile Noter is the only app I can find that works with OneNote & IOS. The free MS app just doesn't cut it on the iPad.

laursaurus |

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