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MobileNoter SE: OneNote 2013 Preview issues

Monday, 08/13/2012, 04:15 AM by admin

The upcoming Microsoft Office 2013 has many wonderful enhancements, and so has OneNote 2013. If you have already had the opportunity  to try all these great previews, you might encounter some sync issues after viewing or editing your SkyDrive notebooks in OneNote 2013 Preview and then sync'ing these notebooks to MobileNoter SE. This concerns both OneNote 2013 Preview versions, Desktop and Web App.

If this has already happened that you edited or viewed your SkyDrive files in OneNote 2013 Preview, then please apply the following workaround to fix the issue:


  1. Open the troublesome notebook in Desktop OneNote 2010;
  2. Save the notebook as .onepkg archive file;
  3. Unpack the .onepkg archive file somewhere on your PC;
  4. Open the unpacked notebook in Desktop OneNote 2010;
  5. Share the notebook on SkyDrive;
  6. Sync the notebook to home abortion methods MobileNoter.


This troubleshooting should be applied any time when a SkyDrive notebook was viewed or edited in OneNote 2013 Preview, if you need to sync the notebook to MobileNoter SE then. Our developers are preparing to support the forthcoming official release of OneNote 2013. 


8/9/2012 3:11:05 PM #

Any update on an iOS (specifically iPhone) SE version that includes DropBox syncing? That's the one feature I'm waiting for. Thanks!

Ujas |

8/12/2012 9:08:28 AM #

Ujas, MobileNoter SE for iOS is actively being developed and we estimate to release it in approx. a month.

oblacksmith |

8/13/2012 8:17:53 PM #

Awesome, I can't wait!  I'm sure it will be awesome when it comes out.

Ujas |

8/17/2012 11:00:58 AM #

I loaded the preview then uninstalled.  I'm not using Skydrive, but am a heavy user of OneNote locally.  When I try to start MobileNoter sync client, I get OneNote Interaction Error.  The XML Schema is invalid.  Please view the Windows Event Log for details.

I have 3 unique notebooks.  1 is the MobileNoter book.

I tried the fix described above with no luck.  Any other suggestions?

Mike |

8/19/2012 6:07:47 AM #

Mike, after installing OneNote 2013 Preview the notebooks get changed to a format which is not supported in MobileNoter. At this point the only way to fix the issue is rolling back to the previous MS Office state.  Currently our developers are discussing this issue to find more convenient workaround for our customers.

oblacksmith |

9/7/2012 1:21:24 PM #

I have the same issue. After having uninstalled Office2013 et made a repair of office2010 the issue still happens.
Onenote2010 works fine.

laurent |

9/23/2012 2:20:28 AM #

Does it happen to all notebooks (even to new ones), or just to notebooks that were viewed or edited by ON 2013? (in other words, if you create new notebook in rolled-back OneNote, does it have problems when sync'ing to MobileNoter?)

mlobanova |

9/14/2012 3:16:16 AM #

I can't get the Ever2One program to work after using the Office 365 Home Preview with OneNote 2013.
I think I'll hold off on purchasing.  Frown I really want to use OneNote more than Evernote. Going in reverse from OneNote to Evernote might not work either. It's going to be a bumpy ride converting to the new cloud-based office. Once the bugs are worked out, it should be awesome.

laursaurus |

9/23/2012 2:22:52 AM #

We are working on fixing ON 2013 caused incompatibility. we'll announce when the solution will be ready,

mlobanova |

10/7/2012 11:16:50 PM #

Now the MobileNoter SE is avaliable for BlackBerry!

Now the MobileNoter SE is avaliable for BlackBerry!

MobileNoter |

3/27/2013 7:55:56 AM #

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