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New editor for iOS, it's really fluent!

Tuesday, 05/29/2012, 08:57 PM by admin

Today we are going to introduce to you a completely new editor recently released in MobileNoter 3.0 for iPhone.  We have been working hard for the last several months to implement a abortion trimester lot of new features serving the purpose of easier, faster and more intuitive editing. It became a really cool part of MobileNoter.

First of all, this is better cursor positioning. No more headache while trying to put a cursor on the screen, it appears to be exactly where you touch the screen.


Also now it is possible to resize the outlines and pictures just like in OneNote on PC. You may resize the outlines with text, inks or images by dragging the handlers on the outline border:

Text select/copy/paste feature has finally been added. Enjoy the easy way to change font color and style and to replace the text pieces. Just select a piece of text with your finger, and choose a needed option from the menu:

Undo or redo your last actions. If you make a mistake, that's no problem to roll back.

A magnifying glass would be helpful, if the text size is too small. To make a magnifying glass to appear just tap the screen and hold your finger for a while:

And of course we couldn't do all these enhancements without help of our beta-testers. Thank you for participating in our beta-testing program and providing us with so valuable feedback! We are sure you enjoy the new features and stay organized with MobileNoter - your essential helper on the go.

By the way, the iPad's version update is coming soon. Keep an eye on our news!


6/13/2012 8:43:33 AM #

I was really hoping for some improve handwriting support (iPad) too.  Anything for me?

Jim |

6/13/2012 10:06:02 PM #

Hi Jim,

Please feel free to make any suggestions about handwriting functionality improving.

oblacksmith |

6/13/2012 10:22:40 PM #

The ability to have "zoomed in" scrolling writing like found in other apps - means on the iPad with MobileNoter it becomes, in my opinion, a killer app for the IPad as literally thereon could replace paper.

GM |

6/13/2012 11:00:21 PM #

Thanks for the suggestion! We agree the ability to scroll and zoom in handwriting mode would be a great functionality, and this enhancement is already put on our schedule of updates. Most probably, you will see it in Q4 of 2012.

oblacksmith |

6/13/2012 10:59:08 AM #

Is there any plan to add SkyDrive synchronization to the iOS version of Mobilenoter ?

Marco |

6/13/2012 10:45:54 PM #

Marco, this functionality is already on beta-testing stage. We are sure you will enjoy it, when it's released!

oblacksmith |

8/16/2012 12:32:47 PM #

Any updates regarding Skydrive sync for iOS ?

Marco |

8/19/2012 6:55:13 PM #

MobileNoter SE for iOS with Dropbox and SkyDrive sync supported will be published in approx. a month.

oblacksmith |

6/14/2012 12:19:40 AM #

I was really looking forward to a new iOS editor because the previous one was unusable. Unfortunately, the performance of the new editor is unworkable. It takes 1-2 seconds for each keystroke to display on the screen. :-(

Ralph |

6/17/2012 1:05:47 AM #

Ralph, does it happen on small or large pages? What iOS version is running on your iPhone?

oblacksmith |

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