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MobileNoter SE HD 3.2

Wednesday, 02/29/2012, 09:50 PM by admin

Meet one more sync possibility in MobileNoter SE HD 3.2 – SharePoint! Now cloud sync in MobileNoter SE is all up to your choice, just select among Dropbox, SkyDrive and SharePoint. These cloud storages have a few slight differences, so you may find an appropriate use for them all:

  • Need just to store your notebooks online? homemade abortion  Dropbox is the simplest way! 
  • SkyDrive would be the best choice for online editing with Office Web Apps.
  • Looking for an easy and quick way to share your notebooks with a colleague? Try SharePoint!


But probably, we've missed something and you need even more cloud sync methods in the SE version? We are ready to discuss, please feel free to contact us via


3/11/2012 9:09:03 AM #

I'm an attorney and would love to use Mobilenoter on my touchpad or ipad to replace all my multiple yellow notepads.  I have two big questions:

1. Most of my notes are client sensitive and need a very high degree of security.  Is there a way to link to my onenote notebooks directly by connecting my touchpad (android enabled) to my PC?  I am not comfortable with the cloud services.    

2. Do you have a timeframe in mind as to when you will be able to create new pages for the mobilenoter notebooks?

Jennifer |

3/12/2012 12:25:29 AM #

Jennifer, please see our replies:

1) In standard MobileNoter we provide two wireless sync methods, Cloud and Wi-Fi. So if Cloud is not an option because of security reasons, you may try Wi-Fi. In our other product, MobileNoter SE, besides cloud sync methods, we also provide an ability to sync via USB cable. Currently the SE version is developed only for Android devices.
In your case we would recommend using MobileNoter SE, if you'd like to use only your Android tablet for syncronization with PC, and standard MobileNoter, if you'd like your notebooks were available on Android tablet and iPad both.

2) An ability to create new pages is included in the MobileNoter for iOS. As concerning Android version, we estimate to implement this functionality in approx. 2 months.

oblacksmith |

3/26/2012 11:24:30 AM #

I am unable to sync with Skydrive.  I have entered my Skydrive login and password, checked the connection (it worked), and saved it.  However, when I try to sync I get the following error:

Error while interacting with skydrive

How do I get it to work again.

Timothy Gernert |

3/27/2012 2:43:34 AM #

Timothy, please check up your e-mail for our reply.

oblacksmith |

3/27/2012 6:52:53 PM #

having same issue as timothy - what is the resolution please

David Ward |

3/30/2012 8:42:41 AM #

It happened that SkyDrive has made some changes in its connection protocols. We've already prepared the new update regarding these changes and are going to publish it in 1-2 days. Please keep an eye on our updates!

oblacksmith |

3/27/2012 8:39:03 AM #

did you get a answer to your question, i am also getting the oops message.

sadie |

3/30/2012 9:00:40 AM #

Sadie, the release of fix is coming in 1-2 days. Please follow our updates on Google Play!

oblacksmith |

5/28/2012 9:49:58 AM #

Have you implemented the ability on the Android SE HD product the ability to create new notes.  I saw that comment on the store, and actually thought it was untrue until I read this blog.  That's an amazing oversight.  Also, are all the editing capabilities pictured available--like bold, italic, underline, text color, etc?

Nathan Auslander |

5/29/2012 12:11:25 PM #

Hello Nathan,
The ability to create new pages in MobileNoter for Android devices will be added very soon! And of course, you can make your text bold, italic, underlined, strikethrough and change its color in both versions, standard MobileNoter and MobileNoter SE (HD).

oblacksmith |

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