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MobileNoter for Android news

Wednesday, 03/02/2011, 11:47 PM by admin

MobileNoter for Android becomes a paid application for all users since today. But if you are new to MobileNoter you can evaluate the software during a free 30-day trial period.


Please update the Windows Sync Client to the version 2.3.6. It is required for proper functioning of the MobileNoter.


We also want to announce that next versions of MobileNoter for Android will support inking and audio recording on the device. Stay terminating pregnancy tuned!

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2/28/2011 8:59:30 AM #

Bought it (as trial period has ended) and now it does not sync my main notebook with tons of information. Syncs 2%, then “Synchronisation failed with errors”. Latest versions installed (2.0.2 and 2.3.6 on PC).

photovirus |

2/28/2011 9:22:57 PM #

Was it working correctly with the previous versions? What Android device are you using?

amolokoedov |

2/28/2011 9:06:30 AM #

With all the news this past month being entirely about Android, any updates on your iOS version?  Still innovating it?  What is coming and when?  Hoping to hear something...  anything...

Eric |

3/1/2011 2:11:23 AM #

Please have a look at this post:

amolokoedov |

3/1/2011 5:17:31 AM #

Thank you!  I appreciate the update and really appreciate the continued work you put into the software.  As an iOS user, I am looking forward to the new release (especially to a time in the future when I can sync to a OneNote notebook without the need for an intermediate sync client!)

Eric |

3/4/2011 10:40:14 AM #

Will this be included in the free upgrade for the current version?

TH |

3/6/2011 11:18:55 PM #

Yes, update will be free for existing customers.

amolokoedov |

3/1/2011 5:13:14 PM #

I am enjoying editing and being able to look at my one note notebooks on my android device. I don't seem to able to start a new page  - or note. Will this be added to mobilenoter soon?

Vicky |

3/2/2011 3:30:27 AM #

Yes, sure, this should happen in Q2 2011.

amolokoedov |

3/6/2011 2:27:25 AM #

For me this is a significant issue.  I am using OneNote on a desktop or laptop, but more often carrying an android device for mobility.  It is very frustrating to have to anticipate what pages I am going to need so that I can edit them on the run when I am away from my computer.

Also, as non-phone android devices are more and more prevalent; it seems a more friendly GUI would be appropriate.  Screen shots of the iDevice versions look more friendly than the very plain Android interface.  HOWEVER, I would not want this to distract from completing the more basic functions such as the ability to add new pages, sections and notebooks via. mobile device.

RTSchaffer |

3/6/2011 11:18:09 PM #

Could you please tell us what do you like more in the iOS GUI? Technically, there is only one significant difference between iOS and Android GUI: in iOS you see a list of notebooks when you enter the app and in the Android version you see the homescreen.

amolokoedov |

3/3/2011 11:33:58 PM #

What you're doing is very cool.  Just found your product online today.  When you say next version for Android will support inking, does that mean, for example, one could hand write notes on a tablet as a method of input?

If so, any idea when?

Joel Jaeger |

3/6/2011 11:36:16 PM #

Inking means it will be possible to draw or write something in your pages using your hand. Update with inking support will be available rather soon, in spring.

amolokoedov |

3/4/2011 5:58:30 PM #

Will there be a version optimized for Android 3.0 tablets?  And what is the timeline?  I want Motorola Xoom or iPad2 and this program will make a big difference in what I buy!


Joseph Petrsoric |

3/6/2011 11:57:22 PM #

Yes, we are going to make our app fully compatible with Android 3.0, but we need more real devices to achieve this. Currently we can rely on emulators only.

amolokoedov |

3/4/2011 7:53:23 PM #

I'm using your eval (and ready to buy), on my Motorola Xoom, but am unable to edit pages, as the keyboard minimizes after every character typed.  Can you tell me when will will be corrected?

Ken |

3/6/2011 11:58:19 PM #

Ken, please have a look at my comment above.

amolokoedov |

3/18/2011 6:28:15 PM #

I also, have a zoom.  When try to edit, the key board disappears, thus unable to edit anything.

E Jeffrey |

3/5/2011 11:29:39 AM #

This application seems to hold out great promise. I use Evernote, but Onenote is more accessible for daily business thanks to its links and tabbed structure. I've had a few false starts with Cloud syncing (I haven't received the notice on the PC to pair device to try WiFi syncing). But once successful, I have noticed that the internal links don't seem to work in a notebook (I understand that inter-notebook linking isn't active yet). Should they work?
I'm using an HTC Desire.

Kevin |

3/6/2011 11:59:23 PM #

No, the current version doesn't support internal links.

amolokoedov |

3/5/2011 8:27:49 PM #

In addition to my previous comment, I've found that there are notebooks cloud-synced that contain the table of contents but each page is blank with the message 'Content was not synced'. Other notebooks have two sometimes four copies of each page.

I presume the best path here is to clear the sync and start again. Is there a preferred method for this?

I'm keen to keep trying with this product, but it's proving more difficult than I imagined.

Kevin |

3/7/2011 12:00:38 AM #

Please unselect your notebooks in the Windows Sync Client and perform synchronization on the PC and on the Android device then. After this you can select your notebooks and sync again.

amolokoedov |

3/7/2011 10:48:59 PM #

I am sory to have to say that while technically Mobile Notetaker is OK - it is one of the most difficult applications to use I have ever come across, trying to edit a note is almost impossible. The instructions for setting up the device (Android HTC Desire HD) do not accuratley relate to what I had to do - I found out how to pair the mobile by accident when I pressed the menu button in the setting screen - the instructions on the PC application say nothing about this.

I am afraid this is yet another of the reasons I am binning my Android device and going back to Win Mobile - I just do not have the time to waste trying to sync my contacts, emails, documents, notes all with individual sync applications. The Android community is LIGHT YEARS behind Microsoft as far as business users are concerned - we need integrated information synchronisation that WORKS - we do not have the time to play geek games. I am sorry to be so negative but someone has to say that Android is a long way away from the game at the moment - I just hope it catches up.

Richard |

3/12/2011 7:57:58 PM #

Hi, is there any way to disable synchronization of audio files included in OneNote notebooks? I'm unable to synchronize content of these notebooks, I get only message "Content was not synched". Thanx for answer Smile

SKiD |

3/15/2011 11:53:29 PM #

Please send a message to with infromation about which device are you using and at which moment you recieve this message. Thanks.

amolokoedov |

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