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MobileNoter for Android 2.0 is released!

Friday, 02/18/2011, 12:18 AM by admin

Now you can edit OneNote pages straight on the Android device!


Edit options are generally the same as in iOS version of MobileNoter: edit text in pages, add pictures to them, change status of to-do tags and sync 2-way with Microsoft OneNote!


Starting from otc abortion pill the version 2.0 MobileNoter for Android becomes a paid application. Prices haven't changed: $5 per 3 months/$15 per 1 year for Cloud Edition and $15 for Wi-Fi Edition.

Users of the version 1.0 will get a trial period during which they can decide to purchase the license or not.


2/13/2011 11:12:05 PM #

Would like to try it, but the desktop client says it has expired? I thought i would be able to test Mobilenoter until the end of Feb? I dont want to test or use it with the cloud version.

bubisch |

2/21/2011 12:53:29 AM #

Please try clicking on the button Activate in the tab "Android" of the Windows Sync Client.

amolokoedov |

2/14/2011 1:38:52 AM #

This new version offers great promises but we have to get used to it.

One problem I see: when editing text I am unable to move back without erasing. The rollerball of my nexus one moves the whole page rather than the cursor.

Continue your good works.

Jocelyn Bérubé |

2/22/2011 3:21:31 PM #

Same problem on HTC Desire Z. Needs fixing

Matthew |

2/27/2011 2:27:06 AM #

Please check if the problem perists after the latest update.

amolokoedov |

2/27/2011 7:12:18 PM #

Hi, I've updated to version 2.0.2 and tried again. Unfortunately the problem hasn't been fixed - the optical trackpad still moves the whole page rather than just the cursor.

Matthew |

2/14/2011 3:48:06 AM #

There is problem with editing on Motorola Milestone with hardware keyboard. One can't enter Russian letters such as "ч" which entered by quick double pressing on the key. Instead of such letters appears two letters from single press. In addition nav-key on keyboard doesn't move cursor - it's very inconvenient.

Gregory Demin |

2/18/2011 9:27:48 AM #

Thanks for the report, we'll check the issue.

amolokoedov |

2/14/2011 4:06:51 AM #

Will have to play with the edit feature a bit to get comfortable with it.  Love that you slipped in APP2SD support!

thanks for a great productivity tool

Mike Waguespack |

2/14/2011 4:26:17 AM #

Cloud sync in 2.0 version is freezing on 86%.

Pavel |

2/18/2011 9:28:58 AM #

Does it happen each time you sync? Have you tried syncing any other notebooks? If yes, does the problem persist?

amolokoedov |

2/15/2011 9:54:20 AM #

Wi-fi syncing works perfectly, but cloud syncing fails with a mysterious "Synchronization failed" message appearing on the Android phone. The app gives no further debug, error, or log information.

Some experimentation reveals that synchronization succeeds when I only sync a dummy notebook with one page, but it fails when I add my "main" notebook to the list of notebooks to be synchronized.

jeff |

2/16/2011 6:50:12 AM #

Can mobilenoter be used on two devices - an android phone and a tablet without causing sync problems?

scoobie |

2/18/2011 2:53:05 PM #

Situation is the same as in MobileNoter for iOS: it is recommended to use different types of sync for each device.

amolokoedov |

2/17/2011 8:09:09 PM #

On WiFi sync, will sync about 10 of my 500 (all text) notes, and then stops with message like "Sync completed with errors." Rinse, repeat... same thing every time. Unpair, re-paired, same thing.

Other than that, love it.

One special request: Can I pretty please get collapsible, nested lists like in MS OneNote?

EvanM |

2/22/2011 2:29:27 AM #

Sorry, but currently this feature is not planned.

amolokoedov |

2/20/2011 5:44:18 AM #

I get "communication with the sever failed" each time I try to sync or send a pairing request.

thisismeisthisyou |

2/25/2011 5:15:46 PM #

Was your device connected to PC via USB at those moments?

amolokoedov |

2/25/2011 6:15:37 PM #

Yes, I have tried wireless and USB, Cloud and WiFi all actions say wither 'Authorization Failed' or 'Connection Refused'.

thisismeisthisyou |

2/26/2011 8:44:02 PM #

Please make sure everything is OK with the Windows Sync Client and the Wi-Fi network is available. What is mentioned on the Wi-Fi General tab of the Windows Sync Client?

amolokoedov |

2/20/2011 6:37:48 PM #

I cannot see edit menu anywhere.

Obviously I'v installed 2.0

Gals |

2/21/2011 1:04:25 AM #

Please use the hardware menu button on your phone while viewing a page. There is a button "Edit", tapping on which will launch the editing mode.

amolokoedov |

2/21/2011 3:50:00 AM #

I'm trying V2 on the Nexus S, syncing to OneNote 2007 on the desktop. I was able to sync the desktop notebooks onto the Android, but changes made on the Android do not sync back to the desktop. I'm using cloud sync. Cloud sync seems to work intermittently, often failing with errors, but no apparent way to examine a log or anything. However it does sometimes complete with "Synchronization finished". Then I go back to the desktop and sync there, but the text I changed on the Android is not updated in the desktop OneNote application.

timg11 |

2/27/2011 2:29:56 AM #

Please update the application to version 2.0.2 and check if the problem persists.

amolokoedov |

3/2/2011 9:45:58 AM #

I have 2.0.2 installed on Mobile, and 2.3.6 on computer. Still, mobile note I changed on mobile is not updated in OneNote. I reported the other issue where the cursor cannot be positioned. This is not fixed either. The only change I observe after the update is that now I get a pop up nagging me about 21 days left in subscription every 30 minutes!  

As other have said, we are not buying this app until basic functionality is present. Sync from mobile to PC is basic functionality. I'm happy to help you test and get it working, but nags are a show-stopper.  Please let me know how to disable the nagging or I will have to uninstall.

timg11 |

3/13/2011 1:15:55 AM #

There have been no responses from amolokoedov  for about 2 weeks (since February 27th). Is anyone else from Mobilenoter monitoring this forum?

timg11 |

3/13/2011 12:22:28 PM #

Please check your e-mail inbox: our support team has sent you a letter last week.

amolokoedov |

2/22/2011 4:46:52 PM #

I'm using MOBILENOTER on a galaxy TAB, WIFI synchronisation and MS ONENOTE 2007 on my desktop. When i update pages on the galaxy mobilenoter and try to sync with MS ONENOTE, the first synchronisaiton fail and if i reload the synchronization, the desktop version overwrite the android version.  

ddn |

2/27/2011 2:30:44 AM #

Please update the application to version 2.0.2 and check if the problem persists.

amolokoedov |

2/22/2011 5:33:16 PM #

How long until Quick Notes for Android?
This would be the main use for me - take notes as they occur to me for synchronisation with the PC and move into desktop apps.

Nick |

2/26/2011 8:47:26 PM #

We are not planning to implement Quick Notes on Android because soon it will be possible to create pages on the device.

amolokoedov |

2/23/2011 3:07:38 PM #

Is 2.3 planned for android? Those features are the ones that would be most useful to me.

Steve |

2/27/2011 2:32:13 AM #

If you are interested in using audio recordings on the device, a versioc which supports them will be released in a couple of months.

amolokoedov |

2/27/2011 2:05:45 PM #

Well darn, I really wanted to be able to take handwritten notes with audio recognition on my tablet. I currently use live-scribe and it works great, but rather not have to buy all the ink and notebook. I was hoping that since I could have done this already with your Ipad version that the android version would be out soon. 2 months will be during the summer, not during school. Oh well, still decent product, just doesn't suit my needs yet, more googling for me I guess.

Steve Vercellino |

2/24/2011 1:06:20 AM #

For Wi-Fi I get "communication with the sever failed" before being prompted for pairing request.

Mike Dorsey |

2/25/2011 11:42:36 PM #

So do I, and when I sent a help request, I received suggestions to do what I had already said I tried, and then was ignored.

Russ |

2/25/2011 5:43:04 PM #

I've installed today version 2.3 on my Samsung Tab S and I was able to succesfully pair the Tab with my Laptop (win7 x64). When I try to sync I'm getting the following error: "This application version is not supported with the current version of the Windows Sync Client."
Does anyone have an idea how to resolve this?


René |

2/27/2011 7:38:35 AM #

Please update the app to the version 2.0.2.

amolokoedov |

2/25/2011 6:53:23 PM #

Great progress and I'm almost ready to buy. Editing notes is nice but not as useful as adding sections, pages, or at least new notes. Let me know when that's available and you'll have my money.

Clint |

2/27/2011 2:02:59 AM #

We'll surely make an announcement on this blog and send news to all users when it becomes available.

amolokoedov |

2/25/2011 11:27:32 PM #

I am unable to edit notes using my Motorola Xoom tablet. The keyboard disappears after I press the first letter. I have not had the synching issues others have experienced though.

Mike |

2/27/2011 7:39:43 AM #

Yes, it seems there are some problems on Xoom, we need to run several tests.

amolokoedov |

2/26/2011 7:19:52 AM #

Works great on my Evo 4G.  I have all my class notes synced (over 1.5gb of pdf's and notes).  I would love to use the web sync eventually but it's capped at 600mb, will it be possible to expand that at some point?  This app is tremendous, thanks for you hard work!

Aaron |

2/26/2011 8:59:59 PM #

Thank you! Yes, we can expand your storage space, please send us a request to

amolokoedov |

2/27/2011 3:29:49 PM #

I downloaded the recent update for the Android mobile. However, the big problems are still not fixed. Changes made to the mobile do not go back to the desktop Onenote. Sync is still unreliable - failing about half the time without giving a reason or explanation.

Editing is still broken: It seems impossible to position the cursor at the bottom of an existing note to add a line. After selecting Edit, the keyboard appears, and the cursor is at the third line from the bottom. Tapping above that point will position the cursor there. Tapping near the bottom line will cause the whole note to go into "move" mode, with a 4-arrow cursor.
Attempting to use the special function Swype keyboard with the cursor arrows seems to move the window, not the cursor.

Is there any working way to move the cursor when editing a note?

timg11 |

3/1/2011 5:35:51 AM #

Same with my galaxy tab.

bubisch |

2/27/2011 3:31:59 PM #

I clicked "Notify me when new comments are added", but I am not getting notifications.

timg11 |

3/6/2011 12:02:22 PM #

Tried editing a page on my HTC Desire Z. Page had a bulleted list. Struggled to get the cursor to appear at the end of the list. Once I managed to get the cursor at the end of the list, every character I pressed appeared twice - very bad! :-(

However, my "doubled up" text did get synced back to OneNote on my PC via Cloud Sync Smile

Matthew |

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