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MobileNoter 2.3 is released

Wednesday, 11/10/2010, 08:33 PM by admin

MobileNoter 2.3 for iPhone has been approved today. Now both versions of MobileNoter 2.3 are available in the App Store.

We hope you enjoy the new audio recording feature which works the same way as in OneNote. Also, there are some minor prices for abortions user interface improvements included in this release.


11/8/2010 12:26:46 AM #

Great release!  Thanks!

Now if I could only e-mail directly from MobileNoter....

z3windsurfer |

11/13/2010 5:19:10 AM #

Thank you! This option is on our potential features list, so it is possible it will appear in one of our next releases.

Anton Molokoedov |

11/13/2010 11:01:46 AM #

I *LOVE* the product.  I know the Mobilenoter staff is really busy.  However, sent messages for issues I have been experiencing within the past week or two and have yet to hear acknowledgment or a response. Frown

I am running Windows 7 with Office 2010 (both 64bit) with MobileNoter on the iPad (running iOS 4.2).  The main issue I am facing is that once a change is made in OneNote on the PC, it is not synced to the iPad.  If a change is made on the iPad, then it seems to sync *all* changes (even from other notebooks). I have even tried one of the suggestions posted on this site in regards to converting the OneNote files to Office 2007 format (no joy).


Dev. Suggestions: Please include ability to create/delete notebooks and pages.

With those issues ironed out, I see this app being VERY popular.  However, if there is no traction at least some type of response to these technical issues, I may have to request a refund (I *REALLY* don't want to do that).  Thank you for all the work in the existing product.  I hope to hear from someone soon.


Rudy Villafane |

11/14/2010 2:33:18 AM #

Hello Rudy,

Our support team has sent you a reply via e-mail. Sorry for the delay.

Anton Molokoedov |

11/14/2010 4:38:40 PM #

Thank you Anton!

I did receive a response in regard to my past questions--thank you so much!  However, I didn't receive an direct answer about the syncing issue.  I went ahead and responded to support with posting the question in the same case.  Hopefully, I'll hear from them soon.  Thanks again for you help.

Rudy Villafane |

11/16/2010 12:57:18 AM #

Question for you.

I saw a notification in the app store for my ipad with an update for mobilenoter. I proceeded to install it and the install worked fine. All of my data was gone however.

I had data which had not been synced as I was out of 3g service. Sync with what is on the server doesn't help too much in that case. Is the data still somewhere on the ipad or am I sol? If this is the case is it the norm for mobilenoter updates to wipe the data? Is a synch possible as part of the update?

John |

11/16/2010 5:55:45 PM #

If you have performed a device backup in iTunes recently, it is possible to restore your data to the state it was at that moment. You can find more information on this topic here -
Please note that this operation will affect all contents of your device.
We are sorry for the situation. But we always advise our users to perform a synchroniztion before updating the app.

Anton Molokoedov |

11/16/2010 1:32:48 AM #

Dear all,

I am following with hope and some enthsiasm the development of MobileNoter. I have just upgraded to 2.3. It would be nice to advise that all notes are erased on the iPad after the upgrade. I managed to re-pair the iPad and sync all the information without much trouble.

However, when I try to edit a OneNote page, after I insert a Return, the app freezes and eventually it closes. It is pretty useless for note-taking at this point.

On another issue, it is terrible the way it creates a zillion text boxes when writing in a OneNote page. I have to type without making any errors, because if I have to go back to previous text, it creates new text boxes and the result on the PC side is very messy.

Marco Miguel |

11/16/2010 6:08:54 PM #

Dear Marco,

It will create new outline for text, if you use the T button. If you just want to add some more text to an existing outline, it is more convenient to zoom in and tap in the end of the text to place a cursor there.

Anton Molokoedov |

11/24/2010 5:15:32 AM #

I have registered Wi-Fi version today and am satisfied so far Smile
It would be good if I can filter checked/un-checked tag in the tag view.


Yuji |

12/4/2010 1:48:33 AM #

Great product - it was actually a major factor in my decision to switch from BB to iPhone.

Once issue that I would like help with - the search function does not seem to work consistently. In fact, more times than not, it does not work. This is very important for me as I have a large amount of info on OneNote that is diffcult to sift through.

Is there some kind of indexing which the program has to do? What can I do to improve my results?

I have MN 2.3 and iPhone 4 running 4.2.1

Many thanks,

Stephen Michaelides |

12/4/2010 11:35:44 AM #

Stephen, please read our reply via e-mail.

Anton Molokoedov |

12/9/2010 11:59:17 AM #

Is there a development plan for supporting "password protected" OneNote pages?
(I may have already asked this question)

Ned Bjorn |

12/12/2010 6:56:02 AM #

Such option will be possible when the application will work with files directly, not through the OneNote API. Probably, such version of MobileNoter will be released next year.

Anton Molokoedov |

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