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Evernote to OneNote data converter

Wednesday, 11/10/2010, 12:12 AM by admin

There were no convenient ways to transfer user's data from Evernote to OneNote until this moment. No export-import services or tools. Now the situation has changed because we've made such tool (actually, we're finishing its development, so it's not available yet, but it will be soon).

Our solution should help those, who wants to move to OneNote from Evernote, but wants to keep his/her data.

While using our converter, all you need to do is to enter your Evernote account credentials and to specify where your notes should be an abortion pill imported to (it can be an existing notebook or a new one). Importing process is performed automatically and doesn't require your participation.

The converter will be distributed free of charge and anyone can use it without any limitations. Download link will be placed on our website after the release.

Update: Download the Ever2One Converter


11/13/2010 7:05:21 PM #

Could you all please accelerate the development of the Android app???  It would be really useful. MS really missing an opportunity here . . . .

Stephen |

11/14/2010 4:17:40 PM #

Hello Stephen,
Applications for different platforms are made by different persons, so development of this converter is not slowing down the development of the Android application. We plan to release the first version of the Android app in the end of this year.

Anton Molokoedov |

11/30/2010 10:47:25 PM #

This coverter is outstanding!! I expected that the import would be displayed in OneNote all over the place and I would have to delete it all but it put everything in it's proper place in OneNote, absolutely amazing.

The only minor issue I had was the handling of apostrophe's in the conversion...for some reason Evernote seems to show words like "it's" and "don't" as some form of spelling errors which I never understood anyway and when the converter copied them over to OneNote the words would appear as "it's" and "don't". There are too many for me to go back and fix and I don't know why they copied that way but I'm guessing the problem starts with Evernote.

mike |

11/30/2010 11:00:53 PM #

Sorry, but what's wrong about the words "it's" and "don't"? Can you please send us a screenshot of the issue to

Anton Molokoedov |

11/30/2010 11:09:31 PM #

It's appears as it's

Don't appears as don't

This happens with any word that has an apostrophe, the above are examples.

mike |

11/30/2010 11:47:45 PM #

Thank you for the clarification. We'll check if we can do anything about this.

Anton Molokoedov |

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