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An upcoming release: MobileNoter 2.3

Friday, 10/08/2010, 12:26 AM by admin

Do you use audio recording feature in OneNote? If yes, you will probably like the fact it is now possible on your iPad/iPhone!

Our users were asking for this feature for a long time and it is finally done. In MobileNoter 2.3 you can create and play audiofiles and sync them to OneNote.




The whole list of improvements in the version 2.3 looks this way:

  • Audio recording facts of abortion and playback
  • Some UI improvements
  • Increased performance and stability

MobileNoter 2.3 will be available in the App Store in October. The iPad version will be released first.


10/8/2010 2:45:22 AM #

I´m already syncing my OneNote-Files via SkyDrive(private) and SharePoint2010 (work) to different PCs.
When is it planned to Sync MobileNoter directly with SkyDrive or SharePoint instead of having to use the Sync-Client on Windows?

Thomas |

10/28/2010 10:22:09 AM #

Direct sync with Sharepoint 2010 is one of the most  important feautures, syncronization with third party clouds is not feaseble mostly due to security reasons, particularly in the buiseness environment.

Please provide a Sharepoint edition.

Thanks in advance.

PW |

10/9/2010 9:44:32 AM #

I feel like it would be easier just to have mobilenoter recognize .onenote files. That way, I could just download them off my online storage, or sync them with DropBox or Sugarsync. I find that to be the most efficient route.

Miranda |

10/10/2010 11:35:38 PM #

We are already working on such functionality. It will be introduced in the Andriod version of MobileNoter first. The very first beta should be available this year.

Anton Molokoedov |

10/17/2010 4:19:57 AM #

It would be really great, if Mobile Noter recognized the arrow keys on the wireless keyboard. It is very annoying to have it rely on you having to touch the screen to position the cursor.


John Canny |

10/20/2010 11:47:22 PM #

I don't understand the last three posts - please could someone explain?

Also how much longer is it to the release of the Android beta?

scoobie |

10/23/2010 7:22:04 PM #

These posts are about the new features in latest updates. Android beta version is planned to be released this year, in it's end, probably.

amolokoedov |

11/1/2010 4:50:19 AM #

I´d appreciate SharePoint and Skydrive. I bet they have similar implementations as they are both from Microsoft.

Thomas |

11/4/2010 3:50:30 PM #

When you can fully copy Web pages to keep the formatting and pictures. Not very convenient to use while evernote and onenote.

detarg |

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