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Some good news

Tuesday, 05/25/2010, 11:09 PM by admin

We’ve almost finished the development of the long-awaited MobileNoter 2.0! As you may already know, in this version users are able clinics for abortion to edit their notebooks, loaded from OneNote, work with tags and file attachments.

Also we made a new video, which will describe the purpose of MobileNoter to potential users.

Here it is:


5/22/2010 11:17:34 PM #

Will 2.0 support OneNote 2010?  Just curious as it's been RTM for awhile now, and I'm holding off my Office upgrade until support for 2010 is released.

EricG |

5/22/2010 11:54:08 PM #

Yes, OneNote 2010 is fully supported by MN 2.0.

amolokoedov |

5/23/2010 11:29:37 AM #

Will MobileNoter 2.0 support hand written notes?  I would assume so based on the format of the info-video.

Marcie |

5/23/2010 3:13:23 PM #

Hi when is this coming to the iPad?
I've paid for the wifi version and I'm waiting for the editing version...
Also search feature would be better if it could use the OCR information generated on the computer

Anthony |

5/25/2010 3:44:08 PM #

Anthony, in June. A bit after the iPhone app.

vgorn |

5/23/2010 4:33:25 PM #

Will 2.0 have any support for bullets/numbering/indenting while taking notes on the iPad/iPhone?

Josh |

5/25/2010 2:57:01 PM #

Josh, this will be in the next releases.

vgorn |

5/25/2010 12:05:21 PM #

I tried to download MobileNoter 2 from the Apple Store this morning and it isn't there now. I saw it earlier but did not have a chance to dowmload it.  What's Up?????

Dan Vannoy |

5/25/2010 2:55:21 PM #

Dan, we sent 2.0 to approval today. 2.0 beta (that you refer to) was closed at the same time. It will take for awhile for 2.0 to appear, hopefully not more than 7-10 days.

vgorn |

5/27/2010 3:16:07 AM #

When will MobileNoter 2.0 be available for the ipad.  

Billy |

6/1/2010 10:48:17 PM #

Billy, in a 1-2 weeks. We are finishing working on it. Then it will take some time to receive approval in App Store.

Vitaly |

5/27/2010 3:17:50 AM #

Also, will the audio record functionality work when taking notes? In OneNote for Windows your click in a place on the written notes and it brings you to the corresponding spot on the audio recording?  This is super useful.  Will this be available?

Billy |

6/1/2010 10:49:24 PM #

Billy, in some of future releases, probably... No firm plans on this feature yet.

Vitaly |

6/1/2010 11:34:02 AM #

I got a message from the desktop client that a new version (2.0.1) was available, so I let it upgrade.  Now I get a message box telling me to upgrade from the beta version to the new version of the iPhone app.  

Vintage1951 |

6/1/2010 5:46:42 PM #

Tom, we pushed an update of beta version of sync client too. It contains only a message that notifies that 2.0 has been released. There is no reason to use this beta version anymore as the main version (that is in the download section of this website) has more features and much more stable.

Vitaly |

6/2/2010 3:53:20 AM #

I got the same message about the new version. I have uninstalled both the sync client and the iphone app and installed the latest versions from the download section of the site. Now I cannot sync at all. If I try cloud sync I get the message "The user name or password is incorrect" - it isn't. If I try wifi sync I get "Sorry, synchronization service is not available. Maybe problem with wifi connection" - there isn't. I've been using Mobile Noter since the very first version so I've tried the usual tricks and workarounds about port numbers and things. It is just not working. There is definitely an issue with the latest version of the iPhone app - it is not saving quick notes or user information. Every time I load it my quick notes have disappeared and so has my account details.

For a while now, sync has been unreliable - some times it doesn't see new pages not just changes to pages. This app is looking better all the time but if I can't have the basic ability to sync reliably with my laptop then it is useless. I am losing heart quickly with this.

Craig |

6/2/2010 6:24:12 AM #

Craig, I sent you email with some questions. Please help us to troubleshoot this problem. We have several similar requests (incorrect password), that is quite strange, but we did not understand yet, why this can happen. There were no changes in this code recently.
re wi-fi connection problem: new versions of Sync Client are installed in new folders, and there is separate exe file each time. If your antivirus software opens a port for a specific executable, you have to open ports on each update, unfortunately.
This is how ClickOnce (auto update technology) works, we are considering ways to migrate from it because of this and some other problems.
Please let me know if this helps.

Vitaly |

6/2/2010 7:40:15 PM #

same thing happens to me. I think it is a problem with the application in the Iphone. Because in addition  to do not  sync, by cloud or by WIFI, every time is executed  delete all changes that had been applied before  and restarted like the first time.

Juan |

6/5/2010 10:59:03 AM #

same thing here...I've tried all suggestions and nothing works for me either

Chad |

6/5/2010 11:20:57 AM #

Same thing here.  Just installed new sync client and iphone app and while the sync client will upload to the cloud, the iphone app won't connect via either wifi or the cloud.  I get the "synchronization service" error when using wifi (I even paid the $15) and I get the username/password incorrect error when trying to connect to the cloud.

I really want this to work, but right now I'm out $15 with no ready solution.

Heath |

6/6/2010 6:54:09 PM #

Same issue.

Ryan |

6/2/2010 7:47:08 PM #

i ditto most of craig's post -- no syncing with wi-fi  is still happening
iphone 3gs  -- latest download (today) from app store.....
latest download from this site for desktop
i even spent the $5.00 to get cloud sync -- obviously i need to sync notes....
i have tried everything possible with the software and the system
please put a fix in and let us know so we can get back to work

labische |

6/2/2010 7:57:38 PM #

additionally -
the iphone app does not "hold" the information for sync
i put in the login and pass word for cloud -- it doesnt sync --
i put in the new laptop for sync -- it accepts -- then doesnt sync
go out to another program in iphone
come back to mobile noter --
the information i put into the program for cloud and wi-fi sync is gone --
have to re-enter the information --
what do i do to get the information to stay and work correctly??????

cosmos |

6/2/2010 9:40:46 PM #

Now that I have installed MN 2.0 - and the new sync utility on my WINXP laptop, I am not able to sync at all. Everything was working fine with the Beta version.
Any suggestions?

Ned Bjorn |

6/3/2010 2:34:47 PM #

Until this gets fixed, anyone that had the beta version you can reinstall it via iTunes (go to your device, then click the apps tab - it should appear in the list unchecked) and it is still working at least with Cloud sync (wifi wouldn't sync with latest version of windows sync client).

Craig |

6/3/2010 3:06:06 PM #

We are working hard to find the solution. The good thing is that this happens only on some devices. small fraction of users experience this. The bad thing is that we cannot repeat the issue ourselves, on several devices we have the app works ok...
We are sorry that this happened and are trying to solve the problem.
One of users that had the same issue wrote he was able to find workaround:

"HELLO - I got my iPhone to start syncing.
Here is what I did different. I reinstalled the app and the hit the sync button first and entered in my user information and it started to sync. Before I hit the Setting Button (upper right) and entered user info then the Sync Button (that did not work). "

Could anyone who has problem with password validation check if this solutions works for him/her?

Vitaly |

6/3/2010 9:05:41 PM #

tried the suggested -- redownload and wait to put in login etc...
did not work
iphone 3gs
latest version from app store about 20 minutes ago
need to sync to get work done --
let us know when its fixed please

cosmos |

6/4/2010 4:47:17 AM #

i was having problem but i got it to work. i downgrade to version 1.3 ( delete the version 2.0 on iphone and in itunes i go to the  mobilenoter app then i select it  and with the right bottom i  go to see in windows explorer and delete it,  then i  go to recycle bin and restore the version 1.3, then i install on iphone). i try a couple of time but the time that work after i install it on the iphone i sincronize only the quicknotes and then upgrade the app and it work better than ever.

Juan |

6/5/2010 10:45:55 AM #

I just bought the app so I don't have any older versions. This looks like a great app...I wish I could get started.

Chad |

6/5/2010 12:58:42 AM #

Could not sync via wifi after updating iPhone and Desktop sync software.

1) Uninstalled iPhone app (and deleted ipa file)
2) Uninstalled Desktop sync software
3) Uninstalled Bonjour
4) Cleaned up every registry entry (every instance of "mobilenoter", except firewall entries)
5) Rebooted
6) Re-installed Bonjour
7) Re-installed Desktop sync software
8) Validated login and notebooks to sync
9) Installed iPhone app from the iPhone itself (App Store)
10) Settings, found PC, pass code (needed to enter twice)
11) Sync
12) "Sorry, synchronization service is not available. Maybe problem with Wi-Fi connection".

Will try one more time, deleting registry entries that allowed the Mobilenoter port in the firewall, and see if I have success.

This program has always been so touchy.

Glenn |

6/5/2010 4:02:20 AM #

A Bug?  I keep losing the content of an open notebook page that I have been writing on, when I jump to another application. Isn't the app meant to auto-save anything that's written like Onenote?

Will you eventually support handwritten notes on screen with a stylus?  What are the plans?

Julian |

6/5/2010 4:07:52 AM #

no luck with the suggested fix on an ipod touch 1g.

Kent |

6/5/2010 5:47:54 PM #

I just installed the newest version of mobile noter on my iphone and the newest on my desktop. However on my phone it bombs out all it shows is the new fancy splash screen and then stops working and goes back to my home screen. I rebooted my phone but it still does the same thing? Whats' up? All the other versions worked ok (except the beta would never sync the notebooks right).

josh |

6/5/2010 6:40:26 PM #

Josh, please try uninstalling app and installing it from scratch.

Vitaly |

6/5/2010 6:40:47 PM #

I finally got the latest version working. I went to the Settings app on my iPod Touch, to the General section, and changed International setting to United States (it was set to UK where I live). Tried MN again and it worked perfectly! I changed the International setting back to UK and, so far, MN is still working. Interested to know if any of you other guys having problems are in non-US regions and if this fix works for you.

Craig |

6/6/2010 2:33:04 AM #

I too lie in the U.K. and am having the same problem. However, I tried your fix and Mobilenoter still just gives the openign screen for a while before switching back to the home page.

Paul |

6/6/2010 6:59:31 PM #

Thanks for the update.  This didn't work for me though (I was already US, so I tried switching to UK, which didn't work either).

Ryan |

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