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New face of the iPad version

Tuesday, 04/27/2010, 12:33 AM by admin

We just finishing working on a new iPad version and are anxious to share some screenshots. Changes mainly include new graphics. But there is also recent pages list that is new for MobileNoter, we will add it to the iPhone version in v2 release. This application is already posted to App Store and waiting for a review now.

home_h  Page_horiz Page1 QuickNote_horiz QuickNote_ImageSel

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4/27/2010 9:55:28 PM #

Your iPad app needs the feature to turn off "combine pages with sections" - just like the iPhone/iPod app has.  This is huge deal - literally a deal breaker - the difference between MobileNoter being totally awesome for every day use vs. not at all practical to use.

I would've thought that anyone who uses OneNote seriously might have something like, at least, 10 sections per notebook, with 10-50 pages per section.  That's easily 100-500 pages per notebook.  That's too many pages to scroll through.

In fact, OneNote 2007 (as a desktop application) is totally designed for the (notebook -> section -> page) UI - so you can quickly get to a specific page.

Pem |

4/30/2010 8:06:35 PM #

Pem, that would be possibly done in the version 2.0.

Anton Molokoedov |

4/29/2010 7:16:04 AM #

The new UI looks really great!
BTW I also agree with the previous comment saying that Mobile Noter better adopt the same indexing layout as OneNote, which is Notebook->Section->Page/Subpages. Current version of MobileNoter combines sections and pages together, which makes scrolling a bit tired. My notebook is growing larger and I can feel it.

Thanks for the new design anyway, I like it!

If you guys still have time(which I doubt not..), please consider a new Website design...current is OK, but not excellent... Recommend website of Things, that is sort of stuff that makes you want to buy the software by just looking around the website.

fisher |

5/8/2010 1:25:24 AM #

A feature add request. I draw a lot for my notes and am using Sundry Notes to do that on the ipad... On my PC I only use OneNote... To have a whiteboard feature would be brilliant!!!

Peter Lauer |

5/13/2010 1:44:45 AM #

Wow, your new UI looks fantastic.  I wasn't a big fan of this initial release, but these new ones are really really nice.  Good work!

Web Designer Pasadena |

5/14/2010 8:11:12 AM #

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