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Thursday, 03/11/2010, 03:34 PM by admin
We had to turn on comments moderation on the blog to fight with spam. Even though we added captcha to the comment post form, there are many spam messages that annoy those who already posted their comments on a particular topic. We are thinking how to solve the problem, but as a short term solution we turned comments moderation does abortion hurt on. If you are posting a comment, there may be a delay before it appears on the blog.


4/6/2010 11:04:10 PM #

Since I downloaded the update to MobileNoter 1.3 to my iPhone 3G, it will not start up.

Phillip Kaufman |

4/7/2010 12:35:01 AM #

Please try to reinstall the application. Delete it from iPhone and install again.

Vitaly |

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