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OneNote and your digital life

Thursday, 03/04/2010, 01:34 AM by admin

We constantly keep thinking about improving our application; what features to implement.

Nowadays people carry a lot of digital devices, which make their life more simple and comfortable. If we compare a digital scrapbook and paper one you can see that with digital one you can have not only the text notes in your pocket, but also pictures, sounds and other media. It's cool that now you can store all of this media in one place and OneNote fits perfectly for such requirements.

We have two ideas about possible features and methods of using our mobile OneNote solution.

  1. The option to import sms to the application. Sometimes facts on abortion sms you receive contain important information and you want to use this information somewhere else or decide to store it in more reliable place. So this function provides a way to move the data from your sms to your PC and use it later.
  2. Some people use OneNote as a photo album. If we improve picture taking capability it may provide a convenient way to organize your photos taken by iPhone's camera and send them to OneNote.

What are you thinking about this? What other ways of using MobileNoter + OneNote do you know?


2/26/2010 6:57:37 PM #

I like to keep digital copies of important documents and receipts by scanning them straight into OneNote (Pictures>From Scanner or Camera). I also capture things like software registration details from emails and web pages using the brilliant Clip tool.

I use OneNote as an eBook reader too. I open PDF files in Adobe Reader and then "print" them in OneNote using the Send to OneNote printer driver, which is great way of getting info into OneNote from just about any other program.For larger PDFs I use page ranges to print individual chapters into separate OneNote pages.

There's a nice feature in, ahem, Evernote, that lets you email your Evernote account - good for something like a mobile phone that doesn't support apps; you can email a photo taken on your mobile for example.

Craig Warhurst |

3/2/2010 12:46:18 PM #

SMS messages definitely get my vote.  One of the first features of iPhone that caught my eye was the very useful threaded conversations.  It' undoubtedly led to me using SMS messages much more than I did previously.  So, I frequently have to transcribe (copy/paste?) information from SMS into a Quick Note to add to OneNote.

Like Craig, I also use the iPhone camera to capture hardcopy documents (especially expense receipts).  I use app for those purposes, but those apps store the pictures on the camera roll, so I can pick them up in a Quick Note anyway.


tom |

3/9/2010 1:26:22 PM #

Personally, I don't think I would use SMS import, but it seems it might be useful in particular circumstances.

I definitely would be grateful for improvements to the photo taking ability. My iPhone camera use is very clearly split between "family" photos that I do not want in my notebook (and for which I use the default camera app), and "logging" photos, which I take of hand-written notes, business cards, addresses and so on. Unfortunately, the new photo functionality in MobileNoter does not satisfy me in this regard, so I still use the ("ahem") Evernote app to take such pictures. There are two main reasons I do not use MobileNoter for this yet, even if I would like to.

1. Too many taps to create a new note with an attached photo: Ten taps (!), not including the tap to start the app. This contrasts with two taps in Evernote. In MobileNoter, I need the following taps:
  - 4 taps to enter my security code
  - 1 tap on the plus to start a new note
  - 1 tap to enter a character in the note, because the camera buttons are hidden by the keyboard, and tapping "Done" immediately exits the note rather than hiding the keyboard, since the note is empty.
  - 1 tap to enter "Done"
  - 1 tap to attach a photo to the note
  - 1 tap to tell choose between "Library" and "Camera" (and I always choose camera)
  - 1 tap to click the shutter

2. Syncing back the changes is too much of a hassle. Syncing blocks the app rather than proceeding asynchronously, and rather than just sending the photo on its way, it must synchronize any and all changes to my readonly notebooks as well.

To allow me to start using MN exclusively for photo notes, the following would be needed:

1. A button to add a (camera) photo note, immediately on startup (before I've entered the security code).

2. Automatic sending of the new or changed note (and QuickNotes in general) to the server immediately on save, independent of the one-way sync of my (large) readonly notes.

Magnus |

3/16/2010 6:52:28 AM #

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