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Windows Sync Client 1.2.1

Sunday, 02/14/2010, 10:57 PM by admin

We released an update of the Windows Sync Client today. Current version is 1.2.1.
It includes several bug fixes and some changes in the application based on users suggestions.

Here is the complete list of changes and fixes.

New features:
    • Possibility to disable MN Windows Sync Client auto startup
    • Separate notebooks list for Wi-Fi and Cloud Editions
    • Option to leave unknown notebooks on the server (notebooks uploaded from another PC)
    • Request to download the Bonjour is now redesigned and wouldn't annoy users of the Cloud Edition

Fixed a abortion pill bugs:
    • Bugs with user validation
    • Incorrect icon menu showing on application first run
    • Message about pages have size more than 5Mb instead of space on the server is over
    • Null reference exception in GenerateHardwareInfo on some configs
    • Showing right encryption options after canceling
    • iPhone client crash on sync QuickNotes with special HTML symbols (Wi-Fi Edition)
    • Wrong XML errors from OneNote is some cases
    • Fix problem with port opening in windows firewall that existed on some configurations (WI-Fi Edition)


2/28/2010 2:06:31 AM #

Hi Developers,
Can you please take a look at the comments I posted on the app store for the wi-fi client under the name revsjh on 2/28/2010?  I made a few points (ok 5 points) about a couple of issues that need to be fixed, a couple of enhancement requests.  One thing, due to on going issues with win 7, my AVP is stating that I need to move back to win xp, so I have not purchased the product yet (still using trial).  depending on how it goes with having XP on a physcial machine will determine if I purchase.  I want to totally be sure my XP issues are truely related to a virtual environment and network sharing on a virtual machine not being robust enough.  Like I said the app on a Win 7 physical installation works flawlessly.

Scott Hervieux |

3/1/2010 8:40:19 PM #

Scott, I've replied here:!.aspx#id_a8837663-3f6c-43c2-95cf-e841e8e45919

Anton Molokoedov |

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