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Troubleshooting Bonjour

Tuesday, 01/05/2010, 05:05 PM by admin

Applies to the Wi-Fi edition only

To find PC with MobileNoter Sync Client installed from iPhone we use Bonjour service. This is Apple software used in many application including iTunes. It is used to discover devices on abortion pill online a local area network.


  1. You have Mobilenoter Sync Client running on your PC
  2. Your iPhone is connected to the Wi-Fi network that is part of the LAN your PC is connected to.
  3. In MobileNoter(Wi-Fi) iPhone application, when you go to setting screen and open “Sync with PC” setting, your PC doesn’t appear in the list of Sync Services.


Bonjour for Windows: How to tell if it successfully installed

Bonjour for Windows: Some VPN clients interfere with Bonjour

Bonjour for Windows doesn't work due to firewall settings

"Bonjour service failed to start, verify you have sufficient privileges" error message when installing



1/8/2010 2:07:54 PM #

In our corporate environement, it is impossible for me to have the PC and phone on the same network.  I do know the name and IP of my PC and/or phone, would it be possible to hardcode either of these in?

James Lande |

1/9/2010 7:24:28 AM #

James, currently this is not possible. Discovery is made using Bonjour, which works only in LAN. I guess that workaround would be to connect via VPN. You can setup VPN server on your PC and connect to it from iPhone. In this case iPhone and PC will be in the same network. We did not try this ourselves, but theoretically it should work.
Here is how to enable built-in VPN server on Vista:
We will try this approach and probably will blog about this kind of setup. After some configuration, it should allow users of Wi-Fi edition to sync via 3G.

Vitaly |

1/10/2010 8:55:55 PM #

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1/24/2010 2:05:10 AM #

I am unable to see or connect to my OS X Printer on my bonjour network.   The bonjour printer list at (a), see diagram. is completely empty.I do not know how to trouble shoot this, or make it work.  Please help
(a) XP <---> (b)NetGr WPN824v2<--->(c)NetGr RP614<--->(d)OSX(v10.4.11)----(e)Printer

troubleshooting |

5/23/2010 11:56:02 PM #

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1/11/2017 3:25:03 PM #

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