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Troubleshooting Wi-Fi Edition connection problems

Sunday, 01/03/2010, 11:50 PM by admin

Wi-Fi edition of MobileNoter uses completely different functionality to connect one application with another. The MobileNoter server is not used and applications are connected directly. This means that one side should play role of the server now – i.e. listen and accept connections. This involves possible configuration problems that are resolved automatically for most users. However, we found that on some machines connection problems exist. This post summarizes possible problems and provides solutions. We will do all possible to resolve connectivity issues during installation of MobileNoter in next updates, but until then some manual actions may be required from a user. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Possible problems:

  1. A user doesn’t see your PC in the list of available sync services in the iPhone app.
  2. PC is shown in the list of services on iPhone, but when a user selects it, app shows “Sorry, synchronization service is not available. Please try again later.” message.
  3. PC is shown in the list of services on iPhone, a user can select it on iPhone and the app on iPhone shows a code to pair devices, but the application on PC doesn’t show a corresponding window where a user supposed to enter the code.

Technical note

The PC part acts as a server in the Wi-Fi edition. It uses port 80. The application is configured to allow Net.TCP port sharing. To discover PC in the iPhone app we use Apple ownloads/Bonjour_for_Windows" target="_blank">Bonjour service.

A user doesn’t see your PC in the list of available sync services in the iPhone app

This typically means that either abortion pill denver iPhone and PC are not in the same Wi-Fi network or there is some problem discovering PC service from iPhone.

  1. Check that your iPhone is connected to your Wi-Fi network.
  2. Try to install latest version of Bonjour for Windows on your PC:
  3. Please check for possible problems with Bonjour on your configuration. Latest version have known problems with some VPN clients, for instance. Apple suggests logging out of VPN when using Bonjour. 
More Info: Troubleshooting Bonjour

PC is shown in the list of services on iPhone, but when a user selects it, app shows “Sorry, synchronization service is not available. Please try again later.” message

This typically means that either incoming connection on the port 80 are blocked by a firewall software on your PC or port sharing is not enabled and MobileNoter interfere with other software that is using the port 80. MobileNoter adds a rule to Windows Firewall during the installation and this works for most of users, but on some environments the rule added works incorrectly for some reasons. For instance, we had a problem on a machine with Bluetooth Personal Area Network installed. I can imagine there are some other network interfaces or other software configurations where manual configuration may be needed.

  1. Check that MobileNoter Sync Client is currently running (there is MN icon in the Windows system tray). If it is running, try to restart it.
  2. Check that incoming connections on the port 80 are not blocked by your firewall software. Start from Windows Firewall. Try to turn it off and see if it solves the problem. If the problem is solved, then you need to configure your Windows Firewall to allow incoming connections on port 80. If you have other firewall software, please open incoming connections on the port 80 in it as well.
  3. Check that no other software is using port 80 exclusively:
    • Try to enable the Net.TCP Port Sharing service. This is a service that allows several applications to share the same TCP port. It is disabled by default.
    • Find out what software is using port 80 and try to shut down it:
      • Run CMD
      • Run netstat -ona | findstr 0.0:80. The number in the last row is a Process Identifier (PID).
      • Open task manager, go to Processes, select to show PID in menu, select to show processes from all users and find process with PID that was shown on the previous step.

You can check whether MobileNoter sync service is accessible from iPhone by accessing page http://YOUR_PC_NAME/Temporary_Listen_Addresses/MNWIFI (change YOUR_PC_NAME to the name or IP address of your PC) in Safari on iPhone (or on some other machine in your local network). If you receive 404 Page Note found error, while Sync client is running, then some software on your PC blocks a connection. If there are no connection problems you will see a blank page.

PC is shown in the list of services on iPhone, a user can select it on iPhone and the app on iPhone shows a code to pair devices, but the application on PC doesn’t show a corresponding window where a user supposed to enter the code

This appears to be a problem in MobileNoter Sync Client. Window in which you supposed to enter security code doesn’t pop up on some machines for some reasons. We released an update of Sync Client today in which code entry field is duplicated on the settings form. So if a popup window is not shown for you when you are connecting iPhone to PC, please open the settings form and enter security code in it.



Please feel free to send your question using support form, if you have any.


12/31/2009 1:14:26 AM #


I was one of your beta testers with cloud-sync and still love this app. I use Onenote for everything. I am now using wifi-sync, W7 x64, OneNote 2010 beta, on iPhone 3GS 3.1.2 OS.

I sent you a ticket as well, but thought I should post here in case anyone having this problem that was not mentioned above.

I am only able to sync 1 way: Desktop to iPhone.
Cannot sync from iPhone to Desktop. I get multiple error messages when trying to do so. Most mentioned above.

Tried multiple times by adding a Quicknote on iPhone and Desktop. Desktop Quicknote is synced, but iPhone Quicknote does not. In fact, it gets erased due to Desktop sync overriding I assume.

Any help would be great.

Monkbythesea |

12/31/2009 8:29:16 PM #

Just sent you reply by email.
The solution to Quick Notes sync problem is described in this post:

Vitaly |

12/31/2009 4:54:32 AM #

I have found that in my case, Skype was preventing Mobile Noter from synchronizing over Wifi.  The reason being that MobileNoter uses port 80, which is also used by Skype and by other applications (e.g. Yahoo IM, AOL IM / AIM, Trillian, etc.) to allow for chat communications in environments where that communication would be otherwise restricted by firewalls.  The only way, currently, to allow both to work together is to turn off Skype's ability to work around firewall restrictions using port 80 and 443.  If you are using Yahoo IM, AIM, MSN, etc. please check those to see if they are listening on port 80 or have "firewall work around" enabled.  

Longer term, the developers of MobileNoter need to configure MobileNoter to use a non-standard port for synchronization with the local computer, e.g. port 9080 or something like that.

Eric Vasbinder |

1/1/2010 7:13:30 AM #

After going round and round on this issue I ultimately disabled, Skype, Logmein, and Gladinet. All or one of them seemed to be causing the problem. Then I restarted Mobilenoter sync and was finally able to sync. Fortunately once PC and iPhone were paired I started all of the other services one at a time testing syncing in between and everything was able to work so far.

Seems there may be an issue with who gets to port 80 first. Also I did start the Net TCP shared service as well. This had been done before all of the steps above.

Hope this helps.

dnewbold |

12/31/2009 5:59:40 PM #

I had a problem where my PC would not pop up the PIN number box to pair with the iPhone.
I did all the uninstall/reinstall things to no avail.
I finally rebooted and exited from Skype.  The I tried to pair and it worked fine.
This clash of ports (or whatever the problem is) needs to be fixed.

Jeff |

1/2/2010 8:06:17 AM #

I too have unfortunately been unsuccessful at using these troubleshooting steps to get the WiFI edition working. I would have purchased it straight away had it worked. I'm experiencing problem #2.

I am on Windows 7 x64 using OneNote 2007. I'm able to easily use other programs to sync my iPhone such as SplashID which does similar automatic syncs, and iSilo and AirSharing where they set the iPhone up as a network drive which you browse to and drag and drop files.

I tested the cloud version to make sure it worked, and am very pleased with MobileNoter, but really want WiFi to work.

I'm unable to make any changes to my port assignments, so really hope that this reliance on port 80 can be fixed.

mtb |

1/3/2010 6:11:50 AM #

Yes, we will definatelly improve this. Until then, could you please try to turn Port Sharing Service on.
Please try to set its start up type to Automatic and reboot your machine.

vgorn |

1/5/2010 10:19:51 PM #

That fixed it! I think on previous attempts I'd set it to manual as per their instructions.

Thanks for the assistance. I'll be ordering the wifi version this week!

mtb |

1/3/2010 7:05:06 PM #

I am having issues with the WiFi client also - The response from technical support has been hopeless. Can someone confirm what the version of sync that has the the image shown in this blog is. I am running 1.1.5 and it does not show this box

Andrew Holden |

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