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Windows Sync Client 1.0.5

Thursday, 12/24/2009, 12:52 AM by Vitaly Gorn

We released a new version of MobileNoter Windows Sync Client today which includes one major fix. Current version is 1.0.5. The application should detect the update on the server and ask you if you want to install it. If you want to install the update immediately, just restart the application.

In the version 1.0.5 we've solved the problem with pictures disappearing from ON Notebook opened in MobileNoter on iPhone after sync. This could happen with the localized OneNote version (language different from English).

Thereby, this is the critical update for those, who use localized MS OneNote.



If you have the latest version of MN Windows Sync Client and your pictures still cannot be viewed, you need to reset your data on the server. To do this perform the following:


1)     Deselect all your notebooks on the Notebooks tab

2)     Sync the Windows app

3)     Sync the iPhone app

4)     Select your notebooks again

5)     Sync Windows app

6)     Sync the iPhone app



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