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Windows Sync Client 1.0.4

Tuesday, 12/08/2009, 01:37 AM by Vitaly Gorn

We released a new version of MobileNoter Windows Sync Client today. Current version is 1.0.4. The application should detect the update on the server and ask you if you want to install it. If you want to install the update immediately, just restart the application.

This update includes several very important improvements/fixes, that will be useful for many users.

What is new:

  • Page scaling on iPhone was improved (the iPhone app is the same, the fix is in Sync client). Previously, all pages were loaded quite small by default. Now they are resized to fit the screen when possible.
  • Improved image resizing. There is new option on Setting screen that turns resizing on and off. Improvement not only in this option, but in resizing algorithm also. We did not turn it on by default in this release, to avoid unexpected results that a user was not awaited, but we suggest to turn this option on.


Advantages of having this setting turned on:

  • Faster synchronization, because less data needs to be transferred.
  • Fewer pages will fail to sync because of 5Mb limit. This limit is still there (we are working on this), but the average page size will be smaller.
  • As the data transferred becomes more compact, you can store more pages on the server within 100Mb limit. (For those who need more space, we increase this limit for free. Feel free to write to support.)


  • Image resolution is reduced.If you have very large image with very small text that should stay readable on iPhone, then you will have to turn this option off.
  • Improved proxy server support. It was not working correctly for some proxy types.
  • There was a problem that some user reported. Images that are larger than OC screen resolution were transferred incompletely. There was white (or black) band on part of an image. This problem was fixed in this release.
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