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MobileNoter & OneNote 2010 Beta: Solving known issues.

Monday, 12/07/2009, 10:53 PM by Vitaly Gorn

This guide might be helpful if you experience some problems using MobileNoter with OneNote 2010 beta version.

Case 1: You have both OneNote 2007 and OneNote 2010 installed on the same machine.

If you run MobileNoter Windows Sync Client for the first time and OneNote 2007 is not running and was not running recently (there are no MS OneNote processes running at the moment), then MobileNoter is pointed to OneNote 2010 by default. The list of notebooks that are available to sync in MobileNoter will be equal to the list of notebooks currently opened in OneNote 2010. Even if you open OneNote 2007 and close OneNote 2010, the list of notebooks is the same, the one from OneNote 2010. The MobileNoter notebook (a notebook for Quick Notes) is automatically created in OneNote 2010.


At this point, a user that is using both versions simultaneously is observing that notebooks that he has in OneNote 2007 are absent in MobileNoter.

Also, MobileNoter notebook that was created in OneNote 2010 cannot be opened in OneNote 2007.

And the worst thing is that Quick Notes are stuck. It is not possible to sync them either way.


If you plan to use only ON 2010 further, please follow these steps:

  1. Create MobileNoter notebook in OneNote 2007 using the synchronization function. We suggest to perform synchronization in both ways.
  2. Close your notebooks in OneNote 2007 (this is suggested, but not required).
  3. Open your MobileNoter notebook and other necessary notebooks in OneNote 2010.
  4. Run your MobileNoter Windows Sync Client. Notebooks, opened in OneNote 2007 are loaded into notebook list.
  5. Launch synchronization in MobileNoter Windows Sync Client. Important: Existing Quick Notes will be deleted, so please back up them.
  6. Work as usual. (Quick Notes will synchronize without data loss).

If you plan to use only ON 2007 further, please follow these steps:

  1. End all OneNote processes running (After you close the OneNote window, right-click on the OneNote icon in the Windows tray and select “Remove OneNote Icon” or use Task Manager). Then check if there are OneNote processes in Task Manager and kill them.
  2. Close MobileNoter application.
  3. Delete MobileNoter folder in your OneNote Notebooks (Stored in My Documents by default).
  4. Run OneNote 2007.
  5. Run MobileNoter Windows Sync Client. Notebooks, opened in OneNote will be loaded into notebook list.

Unfortunately, this procedure should be performed after each Windows reboot.

You may lose your Quick Notes if you will use both OneNote versions by turn!

If user successfully runs and syncs OneNote 2007, but later launches OneNote 2010 and syncs it with MN Sync Client, he will lose his Quick Notes.

If OneNote 2007 was running before the MN Windows Sync client installation, only notebooks which were created in ON2007 appear in MobileNoter.

In any case, Windows automatically launches OneNote 2010 process after reboot.

Case 2: You have only OneNote 2010.

Problem: A user can find out that his/her Quick Notes are not synchronizing and staying in condition as it was before the sync. It happens because OneNote 2010 doesn’t allow the MN application to rewrite the MobileNoter notebook.

Solution: Convert your MobileNoter notebook to 2007 format (yes, 2007, this is not a mistake). After this, the synchronization process should run properly.

Problem: You can lose Quick Notes created in OneNote if you delete MN folder on your PC. They won’t restore after synchronization. At this moment there is no solution for such problem and it always appears while using OneNote 2010.


12/14/2009 6:24:10 AM #

I am unable to sync a password protected section wihtin a workbook. WIll this be fixed?

Ben Wong |

12/15/2009 3:47:54 PM #

Password protected sections are not fully supported in the current version. A password protected section is not transferred to iPhone when it is locked in OneNote at time of the sync.
When it is unlocked, it is transferred as an ordinary section.
So, if you have not too many password protected sections, workaround is to unlock them in OneNote just before you started sync. When you synced them you can use passcode lock to protect your data on iPhone.

Vitaly |

5/17/2010 2:42:51 AM #

i have tried converting to 2007 still with no luck sync'ing my iPad with 2010.  Any other ideas?

lewis |

5/17/2010 11:17:36 PM #


Please check your e-mail.

Anton Molokoedov |

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