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Is MobileNoter an iPhone copy of OneNote Mobile?

Wednesday, 08/26/2009, 05:06 AM by Vitaly Gorn

People are asking how MobileNoter compares with OneNoteMobile. Short answer is no, it is not a copy of OneNote mobile for iPhone. Here is short comparison of OneNote Mobile 2007 and MobileNoter 1.0:

1) QuickNotes feature in MobileNoter is similar to entire OneNote Mobile in concept. Both of them allow syncing one section from OneNote to mobile. On mobile, notes are organized in a plain list. Both allow two-way syncing. Current version of MobileNoter is missing some functions if compared with OneNote Mobile. There is no formatting and table support in MobileNoter. No audio recording support. All these features will be added in next versions.

2) MobileNoter allows you to access every OneNote notebook on mobile. You can download as many as you like to you iPhone and they will look exactly as in OneNote. OneNote Mobile doesn’t allow this. This is major difference.

3) MobileNoter syncs wirelessly, while OneNote Mobile syncs only when device is connected to PC with cable. MobileNoter doesn’t require both PC and iPhone to be synced at the same time, we store latest data snapshot on the server.

4) OneNote Mobile is for Windows Mobile only while MobileNoter is for iPhone.


8/13/2009 6:02:56 PM #

This is a useful post explaining the key differences with onenote mobile. thanks

What are the key differences between the new proposed Office online? Can i suggest another article around this topic

scoobie |

8/14/2009 3:57:36 AM #

MS tells there will be web version of OneNote, but it now shown yet. I did not even see a screenshot of it yet. If you have more info, please let me know.
So, answering to your question, its hard to explain differences between MobileNote and OneNote web, because we just don't know exactly what OneNote Web will be.
We surely will write more about OneNote Web VS MobileNoter as there are more details.

Vitaly |

8/24/2009 2:28:44 AM #

I am a 3rd year medical student and am dying without being able to sync my onenote files with my iphone.  Is there anyway I can get my hands on this program early?  I know the deadline is up but I would love to help test this product out.  Any ETA on when this app will be ready?

Joey 111 |

8/26/2009 1:49:50 AM #

Joey, we are going to submit iPhone application to appstore this week. Then it should take about 14 days for Apple to review it and if no problems are found it will be available since then.

Vitaly |

8/26/2009 9:44:59 PM #

Awesome, thanks for letting me know, I am excited to try it out.

Joey 111 |

1/19/2010 2:51:11 PM #

i do agree that it is not the case but i prefer Evernote. EverNote has leapt ahead of OneNote on multiple platforms, especially the iPhone where it is always listed as a favorite app. I’m anxious to see how MobileNoter continues to develop in the future  and I’m sure there is more to come, but for the moment MobileNoter gives those of us who love OneNote a chance to have our OneNote data when we’re out and about from our computers.

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