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MobileNoter Beta Testing, First Steps

Tuesday, 08/25/2009, 11:26 PM by Vitaly Gorn

Just a short update on MobileNoter beta testing status.

We started beta testing with majority of beta testers last Friday August 21th. Since then we received a lot of feedback and already have released 3rd version that contains many improvements. We also found one serious problem – we underestimated the amount of data we will have to store in our DB. DB size limit on the hosting server was hit just in several days and we had to move sync service to our in-house hosting for several days. After short downtime application works fine, but a bit slowly because of bad connection that we have to our current hosting server. We hope to finally solve this problem by the end of this week.

We have great beta test team. We receive valuable suggestions and adequate testing in diverse environment. Thanks to all of you for helping us.

To find out more about how testing goes please visit the links below. John Hill and Warner Crooker, both are Microsoft MVPs, are writing about their testing experience on their resources. I know more beta testers were going to publish their experience too, so more links to follow.


9/2/2009 12:22:12 AM #

No chance you are accepting additional Beta testers is there?

Andy |

9/2/2009 7:07:19 AM #

Hi, I was supposed to be part of the beta group. I've been waiting patiently for my next email from Vitaly Gorn but the last email I had was back in July 27th. Any chance you can add me now?

Tim |

9/2/2009 7:12:47 AM #

Vitaly, I've just sent you an email.

Tim |

9/5/2009 6:36:18 AM #

Tim, welcome abroad! We were waiting for you.
For anyone else for whom we confirmed participation in beta program in July We sent email and follow-ups for everyone who was selected to be beta testers. But not everyone replied. If you were supposed to be beta tester, but did not receive email from us, please check your spam-filtered email.

Vitaly |

9/3/2009 12:26:52 PM #

I'd like to be a beta tester too.  Can I join and be of assistance?

boboconnell |

9/5/2009 11:54:46 AM #

Bob, thank you for your readiness to help, but, unfortunately, we cannot accept beta-testers anymore. We accept only those we confirmed to be beta-testers. We have limitation on number of test devices from Apple. You will be able to use application soon, we almost ready to submit it to AppStore.

Vitaly |

9/9/2009 12:06:22 PM #

Hi there, I've being a OneNote user since before it was released and have worked on the Office and Sharepoint business since 2003. I would love to beta test this app..pleaseeeee.... thanks.

Kevin Chan |

9/15/2009 12:19:37 AM #

I am a long time Onenote user, been a user since getting a pre-release copy at CTIA. I am also a hardcore iPhone user, would love to be a beta tester for MobileNoter if you accept more users

Virgil |

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