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MobileNoter SE and 2013 format - New workaround for SkyDrive

Sunday, 06/30/2013, 04:31 PM by admin
SkyDrive uses OneNote 2013 format that is not supported by any version of MobileNoter yet. We’re working to resolve this issue ASAP. Currently, if you have desktop OneNote 2010, there is workaro... [More]

MobileNoter SE / SE HD 4.3 - improved Sharepoint synchronization

Tuesday, 11/27/2012, 02:12 AM by admin
MobileNoter SE/SE HD 4.3 version is released with such major improvement as Sharepoint 365 abortion help support. Also we've added ability to sync with Windows domain Sharepoint via non-default ports.... [More]

MobileNoter SE - the new version for iPhone is available on the App Store!

Monday, 11/05/2012, 02:57 PM by admin
The main difference between MobileNoter and MobileNoter SE is that MobileNoter SE works with .one files directly and doesn't require the Windows Sync Client. MobileNoter SE 1.0 allows you to: ... [More]

MobileNoter - the new update for iOS 6

Tuesday, 10/09/2012, 03:31 PM by admin
  MobileNoter - the new update for iOS 6 is available on App Store now, dedicated to the fixing of Passcode Lock related problems. This update allows MobileNoter to run smoothly under iOS 6... [More]

Now the MobileNoter SE is avaliable for BlackBerry!

Tuesday, 10/09/2012, 03:04 PM by admin
  With great pleasure we inform users of BlackBerry devices that the version of MobileNoter SE  is ready and available on the App World now. [More]