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Removing size limit of a page

Tuesday, 04/06/2010, 05:46 AM by Vitaly Gorn
We've removed the 5Mb limit in the MobileNoter 1.3. Now you can sync huge pages without any problems.
But there are still some limitations in the iPhone OS we have to deal with, so the purpose of this post is to tell you about them. [More]

MobileNoter for iPad

Saturday, 03/27/2010, 05:38 AM by Vitaly Gorn
We just submitted iPad version of MobileNoter to App Store. Hopefully it will pass review process and will be available on the iPad grand opening. [More]

Comments moderation on the blog

Thursday, 03/11/2010, 03:34 PM by Vitaly Gorn
If you are posting a comment, there may be a delay before it appears on the blog. [More]

MobileNoter SyncClient 1.2.3

Thursday, 03/11/2010, 03:25 PM by Vitaly Gorn
New update of sync client was pushed today. Current version is 1.2.3. [More]

MobileNoter Roadmap: Overview of Upcoming Versions

Tuesday, 02/23/2010, 04:30 PM by Vitaly Gorn
This blog post provides some information on what we are currently working on and what we plan to do in the next few months. [More]