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How to optimize Dropbox sync in MobileNoter SE 1.1

Thursday, 03/31/2011, 11:16 PM by admin
What can be done to increase the synchronization speed if you are using Dropbox synchronization in MobileNoter SE? We can give you a couple of advices: Remember that Dropbox syncs only fi... [More]

Synchronization gets even easier with MobileNoter SE 1.1!

Monday, 03/28/2011, 11:24 PM by admin
MobileNoter SE 1.1 has an integrated Dropbox sync functionality. It doesn't require installing the Windows Sync Client or any additional tools, loading notebooks via USB connection or any other action... [More]

MobileNoter for Android 2.1

Monday, 03/21/2011, 01:31 AM by admin
MobileNoter for Android keeps online abortion pills being loaded with new features (or, to be honest, old features to iOS, but new to Android). Version 2.1 includes inking support which will allow to ... [More]

MobileNoter SE 1.0 in Android Market

Thursday, 03/10/2011, 03:37 AM by admin
Today we are officially releasing the first version of the MobileNoter SE (Standalone Edition) for Android. As you may already know, the main difference between MobileNoter and MobileNoter SE is that... [More]

MobileNoter for iPhone 2.4

Thursday, 03/03/2011, 11:36 PM by admin
There were no news about the iOS version of MobileNoter for quite a long period of time. Now we are going to change the situation and publish some info about the next release.   Next major upda... [More]