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MobileNoter for Android 2.0 is released!

Friday, 02/18/2011, 12:18 AM by Anton Molokoedov
Now you can edit OneNote pages straight on the Android device!
Edit options are generally the same as in iOS version of MobileNoter: edit text in pages, add pictures to them, change status of to-do tags and sync 2-way with Microsoft OneNote! [More]

Edit OneNote pages on Android device!

Tuesday, 02/15/2011, 12:33 AM by Anton Molokoedov
MobileNoter for Android 2.0 will be released in several days!

In this version it will be possible to edit your pages the same way like in iOS version. You will be able to edit text in outlines, change its formatting and add pictures (stored on your device or taken by camera) to the pages. [More]

Does anyone care about notes layout? We do.

Thursday, 02/10/2011, 12:06 AM by Anton Molokoedov
How does the same OneNote page look on different mobile devices?

We decided to make a short research and compare the results. [More]

MobileNoter with direct OneNote file access Beta

Monday, 02/07/2011, 01:24 AM by Anton Molokoedov
We are going to publish a new beta of the MobileNoter for Android soon. Its main feature is direct work with OneNote files (*.one) stored on the device or in a shared source like Dropbox (instead of the traditional Cloud/Wi-Fi synchronization with OneNote on the PC). [More]