MobileNoter March 2010 News

March 18, 2010

We receive a lot of feedback from you including bug reports, feature requests and so on. But some people even write short stories about the way they use MobileNoter and how it helps them in everyday life. We appreciate this very much and want to share these stories with everyone.

User story

Microsoft OneNote is an amazing product. The Windows Tech guy Paul Thurrott recently mentioned that his sources inside Microsoft expect OneNote to become the “always open, center of my world” application right next to Outlook for the majority of business users. I can wholeheartedly subscribe to this notion.

My number one personal [MobileNoter] use case are conference calls in the middle of the night. Due to time zone differences, I find myself often at 1-3 AM in the morning talking to colleagues on the other side of the planet. That then happens in our kitchen and I do not really need my notebook, but sure do need to note some keywords / action items. For this MobileNoter is perfect. Since the iPhone allows the use of application during phone calls, I simply create a new Quick Note once the call started and jot away whenever I need to remember something or have an action to take.

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In the morning, back at the office those notes show up automatically in my OneNote and I copy & paste them in the appropriate project sheets, meeting notes and create to-do’s (usually takes less than a minute).

I see myself using MobileNoter even more once the iPad and the respective MobileNoter version are available (e.g. in meetings, customer visits). Those scenarios work well with the iPhone but a bigger screen estate wouldn’t hurt.

MobileNoter is one of the central apps on my iPhone.

Sven Semmler.

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If you want to share your story too, feel free to send it to We'll publish it in the next newsletter or on the website.

Future releases of MobileNoter

Large number of people ask us about the future of MobileNoter, what is coming next.
Ok, we're ready to share some info: nearest release of the iPhone app will be version 1.3 and we anticipate it to be available in App Store in the end of March/beginning of April.
The main change is that we are merging two separate applications into one. This will automatically remove the dilemma which one to install. And yes, there will be no 5Mb page size limit!

Also we are often asked if it will be possible to edit existing notebooks from OneNote. Yes, it definitely will. MobileNoter 2.0 is going to be ready in the beginning of the summer, but we think of launching the public beta-test a bit earlier.

More info on this topic on our blog -

Encryption: how it protects your data

If you are not interested in the information about data security, you may skip this paragraph. But if you care you might be interested to know that:

All traffic between “MobileNoter Windows Sync Client” and the server is transmitted via a secure HTTP channel (SSL Encryption). This ensures that no one can intercept your data when it is being transmitted. This also provides very high level of security that is enough for most of our users.

In addition to the secure channel, MobileNoter has an option to encrypt user’s data with a user-defined key. Data is encrypted on a Windows PC before it is transmitted to the server and later decrypted on iPhone when it is received (and vice versa). This means that your data is transferred through network and stored on the MobileNoter server in the encrypted form and no one can decrypt without the key (that only you know).

We suggest turning on encryption if you have sensitive data in your notebooks.

Don't forget your password! Without the password nobody will have access to the encrypted data (including you).

We are glad to announce that MobileNoter Windows Sync Client is now officially declared compatible with Windows 7

“Compatible with Windows 7” software:

  • Is tested for compatibility and reliability on Windows 7.
  • Passed Microsoft designed tests to minimize the possibility of crashes, hangs, and reboots.
  • Represents a commitment that the product will continue to work over the life of Windows 7.
  • Meets privacy standards set forth by the Anti-Spyware Coalition.
  • Installs cleanly and reliably.
  • Eliminates unnecessary reboots.
  • Ensures compatibility with Windows 7, both 32-bit and 64-bit editions.
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