MobileNoter 2.3 for iPad

October 22, 2010

The MobileNoter Team is proud to present the newest update of MobileNoter for iPad 2.3 that is already available for download at App Store.

As you know MobileNoter was a good viewer of your OneNote notes, but this version is much more convenient for editing your notes and creating new ones.

In addition to the editing capabilities, advanced formatting and handwriting input, you can add voice comments to your notes the same way as it is done in OneNote. You can now record audio and continue typing or drawing during the recording and then transfer this recordings to your favorite OneNote. Easy and efficient!

Also, if you have audio or video files in OneNote notebooks, you can now play them on your mobile device using MobileNoter! iPhone version 2.3 with the same feature set is coming in a few weeks.More awesome functions are in the work including improved text editing mechanism, direct work with .one files, etc.

Development of the Android version is in progress; and the first beta version is expected before the end of this year. We will definitely let you once it goes live!

You requested - We did

We appreciate the feedback we are getting from our users. It is very important for us to know we are moving in the right direction and our product makes you happy. Thanks a lot!

My iPad came alive!

"I recently purchased this app and have to say, for me, it has brought the iPad alive! It's a great app and has made OneNote so much more useful.
I asked before the current version if I could use hand writing. At that time it wasn't possible for that version. But now you have added it. Wow, thanks for listening.
I had no problem syncing to my PC on wifi, very easy and straight forward.
Thank you so much for a great and useful app,"


Great idea, excellent execution, their future plans look great.

"First, OneNote is the greatest and most useful program on my computer. It has its hands in everything. I don't need fancy formatting crap and tables and powerpoints. I need a way to gather huge amounts of information, images, links, and more - and OneNote does that and more.
OneNote iPad = whole new world.
Mobilenoter allows that to happen. They have made huge strides with 2.0 and on their site they discuss the plans for 3.0 which would use the .one file format and allow the use of sites like Dropbox,, Skydrive, Google Drive, and more.
They still have a lot of room for improvement, but when a program is already quite good and still has definite room for improvement, that's a good thing."

Roderic Rinehart

We welcome you to try the new advanced version of MobileNoter and start using your iPad in a new amazingly beneficial way!