MobileNoter 1.3 and MobileNoter for iPad

April 06, 2010

User story

“As a Business development consultant in technical products, I have to keep track of many tasks related to technical questions or contact management. Starting 15 years ago, I tried many applications , from the good (ACT) to the bad (Microsoft BCM). One year ago I started using one note and it has been very successful. Basically I have one page and subpage for each customer or product. I find the tag system unusable, so I create Outlook tasks from inside OneNote. On one side there is a formal list of TTD on Outlook and an immediate link to a free form page containing e-mail clip, picture, maps, comments.... My whole business (Plus all other personal projects) is there.

It works very well but it relies on having my tablet activated. Often I am asked a question while on the road or at the airport or in the company corridors; between the hundreds of facts and old age creeping in, most of the time I cannot remember what I said to whom.

With MobileNoter ALL is immediately accessible; most of the time I only need to look at the page to jog my memory, but I can also pass around a picture or graph. I have always stuck to Microsoft products, not because they are better but I can do without the trouble of making the incompatible work together, however, I thought that MobileNoter was important enough to switch to an iPhone and the resultant Apple software aggravation ”

JF Ferrary

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MobileNoter 1.3

MobileNoter 1.3 has been released and is available for download at the App Store!

Starting from this moment, users, who have subscribed for the Cloud Edition, can use Wi-Fi synchronization for free (during their subscription). That might be useful for those, who have large amount of OneNote data; they can sync it quickly at home using the Wi-Fi sync.

Other features/changes that are part of MobileNoter 1.3:

  • One of the main changes in the MobileNoter 1.3 is that we’ve managed to remove the 5Mb limit on a page size. More info is posted on our blog.
  • Cloud storage size for an individual user is increased to 300Mb (was 100Mb). Now you can store three times more data than earlier!
  • (Wi-Fi Edition) it is possible to explicitly specify your PC name or IP address when pairing iPhone with PC. That’s an option for those, who can’t/don’t want to use Bonjour.
  • More detailed information is shown during synchronization.
  • Bug fixes.

Two important notes:

  • Now we have a single application, which combines the power of both editions. Users of Wi-Fi Edition should download the application called “MobileNoter” (it was the application for Cloud Edition only earlier).
  • Version 1.3 is not compatible with version 1.2. So you have to update all MobileNoter applications you use.

One more application in the MobileNoter family

We are happy to announce that in addition to iPhone and iPod Touch, MobileNoter is now supported on the new device from Apple — Apple iPad. The application is absolutely free for existing customers. The iPad application mirrors functionality of the iPhone application, but designed for a larger screen size.