MobileNoter is a note-taking application that allows you to transfer notebooks from OneNote to iPhone, view and edit them on the device and synchronize them back with OneNote. Are you wondering how it may look like? We'll show you!

Video Tutorial

View Your OneNote pages like in OneNote

You may load all your notebooks from OneNote to your iPhone and formatting will be preserved: your pages look exactly the same way as in OneNote.

OneNote notebook on iPhone

Cloud and Wi-Fi sync

MobileNoter has two types of licenses: Cloud Edition and Wi-Fi Edition:

The main difference between them is that Cloud synchronization is performed through the server and the Wi-Fi synchronization is done directly with your PC.

  • MobileNoter Wi-Fi Edition does not use a web server for the synchronization process, but a registration is necessary for setting up your account and a confirmation of your purchase. It syncs directly with PC, which is faster, if you have a large amount of OneNote data.
  • MobileNoter Cloud Edition allows you to run synchronization anywhere you want via 3G or Wi-Fi
  • MobileNoter Cloud Edition subscribers get all benefits of the Wi-Fi Edition for free and have additional possibilities

Create and edit your pages in OneNote notebooks

  • Create, move and delete pages within notebooks
  • Edit and create new text blocks on your pages
  • Format the text (change font size, color, create lists)
  • Add images to pages (from a library or take a new one by iPhone camera)
  • Draw and write with your hand using inks
  • Move or delete the images
  • Move or delete the whole outlines with text or pictures
  • Create time-synced audio recordings and insert them into your notes
  • Edit OneNote pages on iPhone
  • Edit OneNote pages on iPhone
  • Edit OneNote pages on iPhone
  • Edit OneNote pages on iPhone
  • Edit OneNote pages on iPhone

Quick Notes

The Quick Notes function is designed for taking short notes, which you may send to OneNote.

  • You can create new notes, view, edit and delete existing Quick Notes
  • All Quick Notes participate in synchronization
  • You can add a picture to your Quick Note from a library or take a new one by iPhone camera
  • Quick notes on iPhone
  • Quick notes on iPhone

Tags support

  • OneNote tags on iPhone
    • Quickly access tags on a specific page, in a specific notebook or in all notebooks
    • Filter tags by time they were created
    • Group tags by page, type or date
    • Change state of checkbox-type tags

  • OneNote tags on iPhone
  • OneNote tags on iPhone

Recent Pages and search

  • Find your information easily: a recent pages function will show you the notes,
    you have viewed last time
  • Search through your notes by desired keywords
  • Search through iPhone pages
  • Search through iPhone pages

Passcode lock & data encryption

  • Passcode lock
    • To additionally protect your data you can setup a passcode that MobileNoter will ask you to enter on every start
    • All user's data is transmitted over the secure SSL connection
    • Every user has an option to encrypt his/her data with a user-defined key (AES-256 algorithm). This key is not transmitted over the network, only you can decrypt the data

Open files attached to your pages

Attached files are synced with your notebooks. You may open files which formats are supported by iOS.

For example:

  • Microsoft Office Documents
  • PDF Files
  • Video files (supported formats only)