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MobileNoter SE / SE HD 4.3 - improved Sharepoint synchronization

Tuesday, 11/27/2012, 02:12 AM by admin

MobileNoter SE/SE HD 4.3 version is released with such major improvement as Sharepoint 365 abortion help support. Also we've added ability to sync with Windows domain Sharepoint via non-default ports.

New features:

Synchronization with Microsoft Office 365. It is performed the same way as with Sharepoint in Windows domain, the only difference is that specific format of credentials should be used:

Sharepoint 365 credentials

Synchronization with Sharepoint installed on non-default port

Sharepoint non-default port

Some minor bugs were also fixed in this version.

MobileNoter SE/SE HD 4.3 is available for Android

SE: Google Play / Amazon Market
SE HD: Google Play

Also the 4.3 version is coming soon for BlackBerry:
MobileNoter SE on App World

Please update and get access to the improved functionality!


12/9/2012 10:24:49 PM #

Please, when will OneNote 2013 be supported?

Anders |

1/8/2013 2:55:53 AM #

We estimate that it will be done in Q1 of 2013.

MNSupport |

2/9/2013 6:31:26 PM #

Will you have a MobileNoter for the MAC?



Steve Holderness |

2/13/2013 6:47:25 PM #

At present, we don't have plans to elaborate version for MAC.

MNMarketing |

2/17/2013 6:11:35 AM #

Will you have an iPhone/iPAD version of SE HD with SharePoint/Cloud sync?  If so, when?

Troy Miller |

2/18/2013 12:50:18 AM #

Sorry, no

mnsupport |

2/24/2013 9:47:49 AM #

I'm looking for the same feature!

Svenno |

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