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MobileNoter SE 1.3

Tuesday, 05/31/2011, 07:28 PM by admin
Here comes another update for the MobileNoter SE for Android. MobileNoter SE 1.3 supports synchronization of the password protected sections: now you don't need to remove the password in OneNote to g... [More]

MobileNoter SE 1.2.1

Thursday, 05/12/2011, 12:28 AM by admin
We are releasing a small update for MobileNoter SE, version number 1.2.1. It has some SkyDrive & MS Office Web Apps integration improvements: - Text formatting made with MS Office Web Apps is no... [More]

MobileNoter for iPhone 2.4: Beta testers needed

Monday, 05/02/2011, 11:00 PM by admin
MobileNoter for iPhone 2.4 has reached the beta-test stage. And we are looking for more abortion side effects beta testers. If you want to participate, please send a request to [More]

MobileNoter SE 1.2 with Windows Live SkyDrive support

Wednesday, 04/27/2011, 10:52 PM by admin
Due to our users request we add support for one more cloud storage service to MobileNoter SE for Android: now it is the Windows Live SkyDrive. If you have a Windows Live ID and store your OneNote note... [More]

MobileNoter SE now available on Amazon

Wednesday, 04/20/2011, 10:37 PM by admin
Now there is one more way to purchase the MobileNoter SE, if the Android Market doesn't work for you: it is the Amazon Appstore. Price is the same as abortion pill ru 486 in Android Market: $7.99. F... [More]