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MobileNoter 0.8 in review by Apple

Sunday, 09/13/2009, 11:53 PM by Vitaly Gorn
Last week we submitted MobileNoter 0.8 for Appstore review. By the info on Apple website, currently majority of applications are being approved within 14 days. Hopefully, there will be no problems with this review and application appear for download soon. Below are screenshots of version 0.8 [More]

One more MobileNoter review

Sunday, 08/30/2009, 07:52 PM by Anton Molokoedov
Chrisopher Peri recently posted great review of Mobilenoter Beta on his blog.

How to connect (sync) the iPhone to MS OneNote using MobileNoter [More]

MobileNoter synchronization with OneNote

Thursday, 08/27/2009, 12:23 AM by Vitaly Gorn
There were questions regarding synchronization. How it works? Is it seamless? Why do we need server part?

In this post we are going to answer these questions. If you have more, please feel free to ask in comments. [More]

Is MobileNoter an iPhone copy of OneNote Mobile?

Wednesday, 08/26/2009, 05:06 AM by Vitaly Gorn
People are asking how MobileNoter compares with OneNoteMobile. Basically, it is not a copy of OneNote mobile for iPhone. Here is short comparison of OneNote Mobile 2007 and MobileNoter 1.0 [More]

MobileNoter Beta Testing, First Steps

Tuesday, 08/25/2009, 11:26 PM by Vitaly Gorn
Just a short update on MobileNoter beta testing status.

We started beta testing with majority of beta testers last Friday August 21th. We received a lot of feedback since then and already have released 3rd version that contains many improvements. [More]