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MobileNoter for iPad

Saturday, 03/27/2010, 05:38 AM by admin
We just submitted iPad version of MobileNoter to App Store. Hopefully it will pass review process and will be available on the iPad grand opening. iPad version is capable of working with two modes, C... [More]

Comments moderation on the blog

Thursday, 03/11/2010, 03:34 PM by admin
We had to turn on comments moderation on the blog to fight with spam. Even though we added captcha to the comment post form, there are many spam messages that annoy those who already posted their comm... [More]

MobileNoter SyncClient 1.2.3

Thursday, 03/11/2010, 03:25 PM by admin
New update of sync client was pushed today. Current version is 1.2.3. What abortion pil is included in this release: Improvements in Quick Notes sync, especially when sync client is installed ... [More]

OneNote and your digital life

Thursday, 03/04/2010, 01:34 AM by admin
We constantly keep thinking about improving our application; what features to implement. Nowadays people carry a lot of digital devices, which make their life more simple and comfortable. If we compa... [More]

MobileNoter Roadmap: Overview of Upcoming Versions

Tuesday, 02/23/2010, 04:30 PM by admin
We receive great amount of feedback from MobileNoter users. There are many suggestions that allow us to drive MobileNoter development in the right direction. We are very thankful to all of you who sha... [More]