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MobileNoter 2.0 Beta is approved

Wednesday, 05/05/2010, 07:33 PM by admin
MobileNoter 2.0 beta with the page editing support is finally approved and available at the App Store. You need to look for “MobileNoter (Editing)”. As we already mentioned in the previous post, in t... [More]

New face of the iPad version

Tuesday, 04/27/2010, 12:33 AM by admin
We just finishing working on a new iPad version and are anxious to share some screenshots. Changes mainly include new graphics. But there is also recent pages list that is new for MobileNoter, we will... [More]

MobileNoter 2.0 beta goes to AppStore

Wednesday, 04/14/2010, 03:04 AM by admin
We just submitted MobileNoter 2.0 Beta to App Store. As usual it will take some time before it is approved and becomes available for download.   From Quick Start guide: Starting from the versi... [More]

Removing size limit of a page

Tuesday, 04/06/2010, 05:46 AM by admin
From the first version of MobileNoter there was a limit on a maximum size of a page that MobileNoter can transfer to iPhone. MobileNoter was not able to work with pages larger than 5 Mb. This included... [More]

MobileNoter 1.3 and the iPad application

Wednesday, 03/31/2010, 10:45 PM by admin
We're happy to announce that MobileNoter for iPad has been approved by Apple. It will be available in the App Store right from the very beginning of iPad sales. We've managed to update the applicatio... [More]