iPad application (SE)

Video Tutorial

Home screen

MobileNoter for iPad (SE) Home Screen

View and edit OneNote pages on your iPad

When you tap on any synchronized notebook on your Home Screen, you get inside the notebook

View and edit OneNote pages on your iPad

On this screen there are lists of pages in notebook’s sections that could be collapsed/expanded either one by one, or altogether. On the right part of the screen the selected page content is shown. To edit the page, the Edit mode should be entered by pressing the “pencil” button in the upper right corner. One also could access the tags menu or go back to the Home screen.

The Edit mode

Here are signed controls of the Edit mode screen

The Edit mode

To add new text outline, just press on any empty area on the page.

Tags support

Tags control opens the list of tags that could be filtered by the creation time and grouped by page / tag name / date or ungrouped.

NB Please note, that tags creation time is taken from the OneNote and is not related to the MobileNoter SE sync moment.

Tags support Recent pages and search

Recent pages area contains links to the recently viewed pages.

Search function looks for text matches in OneNote pages.

Settings, Passcode lock

Passcode lock

To set up the Passcode Lock feature, go to Settings – Security tab and switch the Passcode Lock ON. You’ll be prompted to enter 4-digit code and then when you leave the application this code should be entered to unlock it. To disable Passcode Lock it should be re-entered.

NB If you forgot your Passcode Lock, then it could be removed only by reinstalling the app, so please be careful.

Other Settings menu items:

  • iTunes/Cloud Accounts give you access to your synchronization sources management
  • Synchronization is used to choose what version of data, local or Cloud, is preferred if sync conflict takes place
  • Error Log is used if there are some errors to be reported to troubleshoot your situation. If any problem persists, go to this tab, enable logging, reproduce the error, disable logging and send the resulting logs to us. NB The prompted e-mail address is used to sign the logs, please enter your e-mail, not ours.