USB Synchronization

MobileNoter SE works with .one files directly, so you may just copy the files from your PC to device and open them in the application:

  1. Connect your BlackBerry PlayBook device to PC via USB cable.
  2. In a file manager open your PlayBook’s SD-card
  3. Create a folder for your notebooks on the PlayBook; you may name it as you want.
  4. Copy needed notebooks from PC to device, to the new created folder:
  5. USB Synchronization
  6. Open MobileNoter SE settings and enter “Sync Directories” list
  7. USB Synchronization
  8. Press “Edit sync list” button
  9. USB Synchronization

    Then find on your PlayBook the folder with copied OneNote notebooks. Check boxes beside the needed notebooks:

    USB Synchronization
  10. Return to the Home Screen by tapping on MobileNoter logo at the upper left corner and press the Sync button (twisted arrows) to start synchronization.
  11. Tap on "Notebooks". Now you can view and edit your just synchronized notebooks.

If you want to sync made edits back to PC:

  1. Connect your device to PC via USB cable.
  2. In a file manager, open your device's SD-card.
  3. Copy (rewrite) the files from your PlayBook to PC, just as you usually copy folders.