Cloud Synchronization

When you run Cloud synchronization, your notes are being synced via the webserver, so you don’t need to stay near your PC during the process.

To use the MobileNoter Cloud Edition you need to subscribe . The subscription gives you a non-exclusive right to use the software and a great amount of advantages. Cloud Edition subscribers are also able to use the Wi-Fi Edition for free during their subscription period.

MobileNoter allows synchronizing OneNote notebooks two ways: from PC to mobile device and back. High quality of formatting in synced Notebooks allows you to see your data in the same formatting and layout as it was entered in OneNote.

Synchronization on the PC side

To synchronize OneNote data with Cloud server you need to do the following:

  1. Open OneNote notebooks which you want to sync. Please notice that you shouldn’t close the notebooks during the whole sync process.
  2. Put checkmarks near the notebooks in the MobileNoter Windows Sync Client -> “Notebooks” -> “Cloud Edition” tab.
  3. Hit the “Sync” button below “Cloud Edition” icon.

Sync client

After synchronization has started, you may close the Settings window (even when the sync process is in progress). The sync progress is also reflected at the application icon in the Windows tray bar.

MobileNoter icon

You can always return to the settings window or start synchronization by right-clicking the MobileNoter icon in the system tray.

MobileNoter icon with menu
  • In addition to manual synchronization that you can fire any time by double clicking the MobileNoter tray icon, you can also setup a schedule for automatic synchronization between OneNote and Cloud. You can specify a time interval between the automatic synchronizations. A separate schedule can be specified for regular notes and the Quick Notes synchronization.
Sync client

Synchronization on the mobile device side

To synchronize your mobile device data with Cloud server you need to do the following:

Open Cloud Edition settings on your mobile device and enter your MobileNoter account login and password. These credentials are the same that you use for the Windows Sync Client validation. Settings

Hit the button with arrows to start synchronization.

Tap the button to start synchronization

Now you may synchronize PC with Cloud to make sure that all edits made on the mobile device are available on the PC.

Controlling what is synced and what is stored on the server

You have full control of data currently stored on the server. You can see these data in “Notebooks” tab in the MobileNoter Windows Sync Client: selected for synchronization notebooks are currently on the server.

Please note that if you change a list of sync’ing notebooks, you should sync the Windows app with the server. If you uncheck some notebook and sync the app, the data for this notebook are deleted from the server.

Notebooks location and shared notebooks

Microsoft OneNote allows storing its notebooks both locally and remotely (in a SharePoint Document library, on network share or other shared locations). MobileNoter is able to sync remote Notebooks.

It is also possible to sync the notebooks stored on the server and shared among several users. If your notebook is opened in OneNote on your PC where MobileNoter Windows Sync Client is installed, it could be synchronized by the MobileNoter, even if it is stored remotely.

Cloud synchronization limitations

Password protected sections.
Content in a password-protected section is being synced only when the section is unlocked in OneNote. When the section is locked, MobileNoter cannot access it and, thus, the section is skipped on sync.

Cloud storage space.
You have 600 Mb of storage space for your notes on the server.
It is important to note that the data we measure is not equal to the notebook folder on your drive:

  • We compress the data before transmitting it
  • Large images are resized

As a result, the amount of data that is synced and stored on the server could be several times lesser than in the Microsoft OneNote.